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  1. Need A Pc that will hold music and easily run virtual dj for about £150!!
  2. I asvise the acme tango great bit of kit for £65
  3. Can anyone think me up a cool dj name? :thanks:
  4. I have only bought a few things "second hand" and all of them i have bought of ebay. I have been impressed so far. What do you think of buying second hand ? p.s. Can anyone suggest a good green and red built in laser system ? also a good smoke machien and fragerance.
  5. Trust me mate i know my kit in side out back to front i can defenitly operate it. Also at my young age i would know most people who i dj for any way finaly I would not go to a pub however can go to community centres as they have seperate room for bars usualy. Dad dosnt need to be there niether as i can claim i am just playing some music with no fee as money would go to day and it would go straight to me via "pocket money"
  6. No i mean dad takes me up to the places and helps take cases in but i unpack. Dose dad need to stay or can he drop me of and pick me up. (That is leagal)
  7. I advise Sam Party Dj for mobile Djs In general
  8. This si what i am going to do. I am going to put bussiness in dads name and i get pli in my name so i can do discos. To be honest dad dosent even realy need to come along. Other option is get an older friend i.e. 18 over year old to help.
  9. Well Then Should I at the moment do it for free just to get my name out?
  10. I have currently done over 40 discos and have been told goods and bads by cilent. I however can not meet school and comunity centre standereds if i have no insurance or kit pat tested.
  11. I am 12 years old and want to get pli for my mobile discos company, Can i get it ? If i cant can it go under mum or dads name?
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