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  1. Hello....I am thinking of buying a Beyerdynamic TG V70d mic and after reading about it I am unsure of the instruction to...plug it in and activate the high pass filter.....I use an Allen & Heath pa cp12...can anybody explain this to me in easy terms ....thank you in advance
  2. Hi all... quick question... does anybody run a karaoke or know of one on Thursday evenings in or close to Harrogate,North Yorkshire,taking a short trip there soon.Thanks
  3. La la la la la....poor Charlie. loved it
  4. :bouncy: glad I not on my own with this.....also find losing my memory.........now what was I doing
  5. dizzychik


    Hi all, just wondered if anyone got any ideas for tunes to play at Easter apart from "in your easter bonnet" Thanks
  6. dizzychik

    21st Party

    I'm doin'g my nieces 21st on Saturday,as her gift (rather than try to buy something that a 21 year old would find usefull and not be relagated to a drawer or on ebay coz it's naff or what ever the in word is for rubbish these dayz)Had a few tunes in mind but got some more now thanks to this topic,so glad I stopped by.It's a mixed family do so will still be able to play my usual disco 70's 80's stuff....must go find my leg warmers and spandex. :thanks:
  7. dizzychik

    Beach Party

    Sex on the beach-Vengaboys On the beach-Cliff Richard Summer Wind-Frank Sinatra Circle in the sand-Belinda Carlisle Message in a bottle-Police Sailing-Rod Stewart Ocean Spray-Manic street preachers On the beach-Chris Rea Hope you don't get sand in your bits....lol
  8. I like your pics,they're so cute.Be prepared for some captions from quick witted members...no doubt
  9. Hi Guys and Galls,have done the gig that I stupidly misquoted the price for,and it was brill,loads of good singers,some absolutly bad but very entertaining,lots of people dancing,no agro,beautiful buffet that was brought out fresh(had not been sitting about for hours on end,like so many places do)only 2 people asked "can you play.."and all karaoke slips written out in full and not 1 "av you got...(that realy does make a nice change)everyone enjoyed the day/night, and 2 further bookings ...was a reet good do! I'm happy now. :good:
  10. dizzychik

    Resession Songs

    I'm sad I know with some of my choices but, oh well....... Bills to pay-Gramma Kid She works hard for the money-Donna Summer Reasons to be cheerful part 3-Ian Dury & Blockheads That's livin alright-Joe Fagin Brass in pocket-Pretenders High hopes-Frank Sinatra Loads a money-Harry Enfield If I were a rich man-Topol Money Talks-AC/DC Hi Ho silver lining-Jeff Beck For the love of money-O'jays Forever in blue jeans-Neil Diamond
  11. Quite right,I'm sure Landlord/manager etc would not be best pleased with the stilleto holes in his upholstery and scratched tables.
  12. dizzychik

    Resession Songs

    ABBA=Money Money Money Simpley red=Money's too tight to mention Frank Sinatra=Pennies from Heaven..........(If only)
  13. The mistake I made was that I quoted a 4 hour price for an 8 hour gig, as I had misheard the finish time,and didn't repeat the time back to the client.My stupid mistake entirely.Perhaps a slight exaggeration on the £000's misquoted but certainly I will be out of pocket so to speak.Never the less the client shall have an excellent day by booking my services and hopefully I will get more bussiness from her guests in future,I will just have to hope that she dosn't disclose how much she paid me to any of them.Incidently the gig is this weekend so I hope my energy levels are at an all time high,and
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