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  1. I use one of these nowadays along with either a goalpost or a T-Bar (depending upon the size of rig and the amount of lighting required) and a custom deck surround made from creative use of 1.5 inch plastic conduit, a few elbows and a black sheet attached with velcro tabs. It has cut my set-up / breakdown times by a huge amount and gives me a decent amount of working space, as well as negating the need to ask the bar staff for a spare table or two. The only real negative is *if* the venue is upstairs with no lift, in which case I usually ditch the roll-cab and carry the components up ind
  2. I must admit it is something I have been considering for quite some time. Live music is definitely king in these parts at the weekend but my plan is to offer our local rock / metal venue my DJing services for free for maybe a couple of months or so on a Monday night to see if we can get something going. Nothing currently happens there on a Monday and every other night of the week is occupied by some sort of live music, whether it be a residency, a "jam" or open mic night or a feature band. The advantage to me is that I will actually be playing the music that I personally love and am most fami
  3. Ooohh so many to choose from. Fatback Band - I Found Lovin' Heaven 17 - Temptation Depeche Mode - I Just Can't Get Enough
  4. It's all about personal choice but after trying almost all configurations my chosen set-up nowadays would be (depending on size of venue) one or two T-Bars on wind-up stands. The luxury of being able to wire up your lights at eye-level and then effortlessly wind them up to 3m high is just too much to resist.
  5. I had to laugh when I saw this. I have occasionally been known to indulge in a little System of a Down or Pantera via the old headphones whilst some requested inane faceless over-produced pop drivel is playing through the speakers. Is this a common thing?
  6. Cheers David I thought as much. If it were that simple I imagine the price difference between the two specs would be much less.
  7. Out of curiosity whilst on the subject *Could* Dynamo / Dynatwin 100s be upgraded to 250s simply by upgrading the bulbs, or are they a completely different beast altogether?
  8. Sad sights indeed. As far as the Butlins / Pontins / Haven type holidays are concerned I think what has become their greatest enemy is the very thing upon which their foundations were built....AFFORDABILITY. Elements of this word have now become lost in translation, especially now it is more than possible for a family of 4 to enjoy a week in the sun ALL-INCLUSIVE than it is to spend a week in Minehead or Bognor. As far as I am aware they don't give a lot away on terms of gigs for independent DJs either. The DJs in such establishments nowadays seem to be Red / Yellow / Blue coats with
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX-WHyAVbhQ Looks pretty run-of-the-mill to me.
  10. We're lucky enough to have a house that overlooks Portland harbour, so in a fashion we can watch the Olympics out of our front window although it will only be the sailing events.
  11. I use a Mondeo estate which suits me down to the ground practicality wise - 2 kids and a Mrs to ferry around, it's a decent cruiser for the occasional runs back to the Midlands which I have to make plus My entire rig fits in there with room to spare. I am looking at changing to a short wheelbase VW T4 Transporter as soon as funds permit though, reasons being more load space PLUS I really fancy carrying out a camper conversion.
  12. Good call. I may be tempted although Weymouth to Southampton and back after work 11 hours at work on a Tuesday might be a bit of a tough one for me but it sounds as though it would be worth the effort.
  13. Probably a silly question but does a controller exist for OTSAV? I absolutely love using the program but there are times when I would like to be a little bit more "hands on" with my music files. If this can be done without the use of a separate program I will be highly appreciative.
  14. I used to be based in Wolverhampton like Nik and demand dictated that I rarely tended to wander more than 3 or 4 miles away from home. As of 9 months ago I now live in Weymouth, Dorset which, to be quite honest, doesn't seem as competitive as the Midlands for other DJs but then again the region is far less densely populated and we are somewhat "out on a limb" here. I was pondering whether it would be worth getting back into for a while due to the nature of the area but Nevertheless the work does seem to be about so that is all the encouragement I need.
  15. Hi All. Now that we're pretty much settled into our new area I am now looking to fire up the rig and get gigging once again. I've scouted our new area and there does seem to be a healthy demand for DJ services - especially in one or two more specialised niches. The local karaoke scene is quite healthy and what with all of my gear sitting in the garage gathering dust, I have come to the decision that it would be extremely rude not to. One question I was pondering just before the move and new job took over my life was how several Karaoke DJs I have seen link their equipment up to a ve
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