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  1. It's back. So far so good. I am a little scared to try the SPDIF ins, as I have an icky feeling using them might short some switch out. They solved the ticks and clicks from the digital ins from the one I had in 2006 that got sent back to Musician's Friend, only to have the top channel and digital/line switches start going out on the new one. This sounds ludicrous, but I can't help but feel there is a ghost in this machine... and it does not like me. So I will pet it, and talk nice to it, and be its friend. Namely, I'm afraid using the SPDIF ins might cause another cascade of failures si
  2. Because I don't know of any mixer under a grand that sounds as nice (verses Pioneer, Biamp, Rane, Xones, Stantons, and other Numarks), and I got it for a really good price warrantied direct from Numark. I get to chock up yet another go-around. Unit got repaired again in Reno, fixing the headphone jack and channel 4, but now channel 1 has no right channel on any input ever and both channel 1 & 3's rear input selection switches are also intermittent. Again they emailed a shipping label and are trying again. I packed it in an insane amount of bubble wrap, and a box within a box w
  3. 5th time I just got it back. Well, technically not the same one. The first unit went back twice to get replaced. Unit A = Authorized B-stock purchased with Numark warranty. Unit A First time returned: They said there was nothing wrong with the unit when clearly it was totally screwed up from the moment it arrived. Unit A Second time: They get it back and say it's too burned out internally to repair. They apologize. Replaced. Enter Unit B Unit B First time returned: The B-stock unit they send doesn't have the burned out board, but starts having intermittent chann
  4. Is there a part two for this thread? Also, anyone else have problems with their PPD9000 losing the left channel on inputs occassionally? It keeps happening to me. Channel 2 lost it permanently last week. I sent my unit back for the third time. I owned one a few years ago and got my money back because I had momentary dropouts for a split second on both channels. Got another one last year because I remembered how good the sound was. It had to be replaced because the sound was screwed up on the master outs. Then the intermittent left channel thing started on the swap unit. Num
  5. The Numark CDN-90 & Axis 9, both of which were out at the time of your post when the PPD9000 was released, have active real digital outs fed by the internal work signal when DJing. Every Numark unit since has had that capability. [Gary - ... I've already covered this full above. YES the older Numarks mentioned previously in the thread have a digital out socket BUT Numark confirmed in their email that "digital out" and "Anti-shock" could not work (on those older players) at the same time. The user had to use a two-button combo to switch the digital out on (and the anti-shock off), o
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