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  1. Still working on it. This was just an idea I had, to get rid of some extra equipment I had laying around. I would have had the aluminum powder coated black if I had the money. If I would have gone the cheap route and painted it with a can of spray paint it would be scratched up in a few months. I agree about the LEDs.. and as soon as I make a few more bucks with this thing, I promise to load it with them. I am currently building a smaller, lighter GigRigg for "less demanding" venues. This one will be powder coated black as I have now found a supplier that sells finished aluminum.
  2. OOPS my link didn't show up.. I hope my first reply gets deleted. Any way... here is my solution for a 10 minute light show. The video shows the height of the rigg. Now some will say this is ugly, some will say they want one. All I care about is that it has been WELL RECEIVED in my market. My goals were simple 1 trip 1 power cord 1 person 10 minutes set up from van to stage. I am close to all these but not quite there yet. here is my youtube link http://www.youtube.com/gigrigg I welcome your feedback, but please rememebr it is a prototype.
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