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  1. Jimmy lives in Leeds and his mum used to have a flat in Scarborough Did a fun run with the Jimmy many years ago and sat in the traffic coming out of Scarborough with him sat in his gold Rolls Royce next to us chuffy on his cigar Good Man Used to listen to his Sunday show in the early 80's
  2. Used Goodparty and agree, alot of Band requests. I have a large area for coverage Used Need-a-disco and have had 2 enquires, agree that details are very vague
  3. Louise, I just adore her, forget the tunes... She's the only one my missus says I can perv over has she's a Jamie Redknapp fan
  4. It was 10% This year going to have 5 copies of it.. lol
  5. NYE started off slow but got better THEN found to my dismay that my Auld Lang Syne was damaged beyond repair Started getting grief :nono: from a few people. nothing I could do really. Tried to explain BUT alcohol makes people say silly things like "I'm going to trading standards and the CAB" Cost my part of my fee to get them off my back. In 15yrs plus I have never had a NYE turned sour
  7. I do take a deposit but do not do a contract. However, my confirmation letter has times agreed, outstanding fee to pay and contacts for any special requests. This a suppose is a contract of kinds. A copy is kept on my PC.
  8. nearly lost my New Years Eve gig due to the PAT has the venue is council run no mention of PLI Had gear tested so full on for NYE
  9. a few more :-) Chris Montez - Lets Dance Brain Poole and Tremeloes - Do you love me or twist & shout Supremes - You can't hurry love Edwin Starr - Stop her on sight I love the 60's and 70's - I was born 20yrs to late and have been catching up ever since
  10. same here - if i did not have a family - then maybe but at a cost Xmas day is triple time at my day job
  11. Did a midnight show for Radio Mansfield when they were applying for the full time license Only problem was when full license was issued and the money men came in. All the promises were broken about keeping the core of the people who help in getting the license. The community side of it went right out of the window But I agree the time I spent in a quiet studio @ 1am was brillint. Espically the request for "Knock on wood" for Teresa Green - LOL
  12. yesterday was a really bad day doing my full time job and I was really down but see Nik's reply has put a grin on my face. so thanks for making me smile today it also may have something also to do with 3 little boys hanging round my legs I am centre of attention in the Witty household for atleast an hour God bless them Rob
  13. I would like to take the opportunity to offer my opologises to all my fellow DJ's I seem to have let my passion over rule my head Certain comments made show how much I really care Even though I have been doing this for 15yrs plus, I have taken onboard comments made from fellow dj's regarding process, preparation and equipment. I will some be launching website and would like to see your comments, both good and negative. The negatives ones usually point you in the right direction. Hears to Halloween and Xmas Party Season
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