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  1. Hi Peoples iam needing the instruction manual for the Showtec Smile DMX llight. I have searched high and low for it on the internet but i have had no joy whatsoever. Any info anybody can give would be hugely appreciated :hurt:
  2. I have just purchased two of these lights and i am wanting to know what settings i should use to have both of these lights doing the same thin in sound to light mode. I have had them connected with the cable and the same settings i use on my spinmaster 3's but have got no joy all. Any suggestions please lads and lasses would be truely appreciated :damn:
  3. I have 3 of these hooked up and they look truely awesome. I replaced the mirrors on the barrels myself with 2mm thick glass mirrors, and the difference is truely amazing. Crystal clear images and really bright. Although i do tend to wrap them in cotton wool so as not to crack the mirrors. I have just purchased 2 acme dynamo's so hopefully they will look just as good when all lights are going together. I will try and post a photo of them all lit up with smoke. Just hope my gantry can take all the weight, lol
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