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  1. Evening all I am considering purchasing a Gobo Projector with a view to adding the service as an additional cost aspect for certain packages, (the additional cost wil only apply if they require a custom gobo) But before I take the plunge and potentially end up with a white elephant, does anybody actually get requests for this service? I have seen it alot on programmes such as four wedding US so hopefully it won't take too long to filter through here but I just don't want to get lumbered! Any feedback as always is appreciated Conversly if anyone does offer this already
  2. Hi All I now have the summer off from University (I am a full time Mature Student who Sings and Dj's to pay my way through Uni) I have been doing the entertaining for about three years now and really enjoy what I do However the number of enquiries I am getting is falling away somewhat from what I would usually expect so I think a revamp of my website is in order. The site can be found at http://www.davidthomasentertainments.co.uk/ I have a couple of videos of me singing live to add during the revamp, but any suggestions Good or Bad would be welcomed (just be n
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