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  1. I have been using a KAM KXR2000 for over three years and it has never let me down, good rugged feel to it, very heavy! and excellent value for money but I have ever had to run it at more than half its capacity and that includes running two 18" sub cabs and two 15" two way units in parallel for crowds of over 400! So probably my one peice of advice would be this Rather than get a 500W amp and run it at full capacity get a 1000W amp and run it at half capacity saving stress on the components and allowing for reserves of power should the track or the audience demand more. Just my t
  2. Hello to all! Once again I ask a question at the alter of all things DJ I am considering a purchase of two moving head lights and have been offered two Martin MAC250 lights at a not inconsiderable sum, but the guy who is offereing them tells me that I really need to know what I am doing as they virtually need programming at every use, and 'they ain't toys!' I really don't want the hassle I just want to plug and play so are they going to be more trouble than they are worth? I really need someone who has experience of these or similar units to give me the benefit of their k
  3. Thanks guys, I am going to go for Virtual DJ Pro, it was not the route I was plannng on going down but I feel that after demo'ing the home edition at home (strangely enough!) I think that the automix facility is just the thing I am after But £300 ! DAMN I guess the new moving heads will just have to wait :hurt: Thanks for the pointers once again :pro:
  4. Evening all Now at the risk of being cast out for using it I will admit to using itunes as my main means of compiling and holding all my music, and i replay it through two laptops mixing between the two etc etc etc but I stumbled across these the reason I am asking is that I have three family weddings coming up where they have all asked me to provide the entertainment but they don't want me 'stuck behind the decks all night!' So I am hoping that these will solve the problem, but they only seem to be compatable with MAC books :wall: http://www.wildbits.com/askthedj/ http:
  5. Hello to all I did a gig at the weekend where I was on a stage and positioned higher than normal over the dancefloor so much so that I was looking down at almost 45 degrees What it did give me was a plan like view of how the lights looked on the dancefloor, now I know that most won't bother or even get the chance to see the 'show' from this angle but it did raise an interesting area that I need to ask.... It was apparent that I need something that 'spins' lights on the floor, the set up was as follows....Imposiled in the middle projecting out over above a mirrorball below, a A
  6. Damn Computer interuptus! I'm telling Mr. Jobs and Mr. Gates on you!!!!!!!! :joe:
  7. Some really useful comments as per guys Thankyou One more, I know this is going to be a metter of personal taste but a still image on the floor or wall / ceiling or a slowly rotatinn one in the same locations My only concern with the rotating image is that for approx 75% of the time the image / text would be upside down But as I said your opinions please :pro:
  8. Thanks guys really useful constructive comments :pro: The only thing with the one you suggest Rob is with the option to produce your own images at home unless they were razor sharp wouldn't the projected image appear blured and 'rough'? I ask this in case you have seen one in action As in answer to a previous question there are very few places around my locality that I can demo equipment, as I found out to my dismay (see previous post ref; revo 4) So on this occasion I will travel as I could'nt charge extra for this and have a poor image in every respect! I will keep l
  9. I love the idea of a competition! Just need to get it past the other half that we may be doing one for free! I have an old stalwart as an attraction a great big bowl of sweeties and if it goes quiet you can always eat them yourself :pizza: Although non with Nuts...none with artificial colours.......none with certain E numbers........none you may like the taste of............I probably get asked more questions about the contents of the bowl than I do my service offerings :damn: But I will continue to do it as it keeps to little darlings sweet whilst the grown up's talk, or gi
  10. Evening all I am considering purchasing a Gobo Projector with a view to adding the service as an additional cost aspect for certain packages, (the additional cost wil only apply if they require a custom gobo) But before I take the plunge and potentially end up with a white elephant, does anybody actually get requests for this service? I have seen it alot on programmes such as four wedding US so hopefully it won't take too long to filter through here but I just don't want to get lumbered! Any feedback as always is appreciated Conversly if anyone does offer this already
  11. I thought part of the protocol of being in the Lodge was not to disclose the fact to all and sundry. Now here you are promoting the fact on a forum with 670k hits a month It is perfectly acceptable to let people know you are a Mason, in fact it is actively encouraged, what you can't tell non Masons about is what goes on inside the lodge and the different means of identifying yourself as a Mason if required! Telling people about Free-Masonry is one of the ways of dispelling some of the myths and non-truths surrounding the order, such as the last Dan Brown 'book!' I am immensely p
  12. I did a wedding fayre last weekend and got talking to another exhibitor He told me of a local hotel that has recently changed hands and are looking for people to exhibit at their forthcoming fayre. Ok I thought sounds promising I know the venue and its functions facilities are OK, but nothing spectacular! Anyway he then went on.... the hotel would be charging £90 to exhibit plus a 10% retainer on any business you picked up from the event, not just if the function was being held at their venue but ANYWHERE! :scared: I politely declined ;thumbdown:
  13. Morning all I have a question....(I know another one!) Does anyone out there use more than one brand / manfacturer of led RGB colour lighting units? either par 56 , 64, panels, bars etc you get the idea! The reason I am asking is that I am considering adding more of these units to my current set up which comprises 10 Acme RGB 192 panels and two Acme CF-805 bars. I am considering a number of either par 56 /64 cans as they would fit into corners better than the panels do would a couple of these lights say from American DJ for example give the same shade of colour as the acm
  14. Nope telling the truth, but it still isn't getting me into these damned wedding fayres :damn: Although I have made an appointment to go and meet with the wedding manager at the venue in question next week.
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