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  1. The old Geni XTC and similar are fairly bulletproof, other than sometimes needing the lampholders replacing at a cost of pennies. There are two downsides with them. One, they're fairly heavy, and two the scanning is lateral only, no vertical component. For the price, they're good value. T-max, I don't know about, but I think they have less powerful lamps fitted, so may struggle in daylight.
  2. What a great piece of kit.I had one, and a mate had three. Superb. There wasn't much simpler kit available. Plug the unit into the mains, plug a speaker cable into the 2250, and you're ready to Rock and Roll. Only downside was, if you had it linked to the spotbanks, and you didn't keep the music playing, it all went very dark!!!!!!
  3. I'm not sure if you're aware, but at the moment, we can only download from Amazon in our own countries, ie we in the UK can't download from Amazon.com. ( But can buy physical CD's.Work that out! ) annoying to say the least. I agree that Amazon is fine, and better than Itunes, but 7digital often has higher quality available.
  4. Dave, glad it worked. I replaced a KAM mixer with a Denon, and the quality of the sound increased more than you would believe. I'm not clued up on the whys and wherefores, but from my experience, when you feed a really large input signal into PA systems, which is higher than the required level, it sounds distorted and horrible. Nowadays, there seems to be a lot more standardisation, which is good. Why does the Denon have such a high output, and an attenutor? I've absolutely no idea.
  5. The Denon has a really high output. There's an attenuation slide switch hidden at the back. Slide it across, and try again. Should help.
  6. I echo all that's been said above. A fast way to build up a CD collection is the 100/101/what have you sets of various genres. Usually at least 100 tracks for around a fiver. Buying other ones s/h on Amazon can be a good way also. For organising MP3's I've found Media Monkey to be versatile, user friendly, and reliable. The bells and whistle version costs around £15, but the free version is good. It doubles as a playout system, but only from one deck.
  7. Totally, because you could only have ONE 8Ohm cab running in bridge mode, cos that's equal to a 4ohm each channel. No power gain at all,more hassle, one less driver, and less sound. Bridge in this case will actually lose you output.
  8. I'd have said yes, but: If possible, listen to some first, because not everyone ( me included ) likes their sound. I have some older smaller Peaveys that I love. The Peavey Pro's are about as loud as you get for your money. Hope this helps.
  9. Sorry, forgot to add, that is of course not bridged. Loud bang otherwise!! I'd find some efficient 4 ohm 250- 300w cabs, and run it stereo or mono, but not bridged.
  10. Not stupid. The way they post the specs can be confusing. When you bridge the amp, it's like two channels fastened together, so 8ohms bridged is equivalent to 4 ohms per channel. Thus you can't put two 8 ohm cabs across a bridged amp, unless it can run at 2ohms per channel. This Berry gives 450w per channel at 4 ohms, so maximum noise comes from boxes like these. http://www.disco-world.co.uk/speakers/peav...-/prod_250.html Some folk love 'em, some hate 'em.
  11. Indeed so. A mate and I both run C-Mark2450's, as well as a couple of other makes. We both rate the C-Mark as brilliant. I've never seen anyone slate the T-amp kit either, which is not surprising. RE your 2400, you might be getting a note about that elsewhere.
  12. I replaced a KAM 1500 which I'd bought new. It was a mixer with all the features I wanted, but the tone control circuits were dicey at best. A colleague sold me a Denon DNX500 second hand, and the difference was a revelation. Mixers can make a huge difference.
  13. From memory, the Cortex software recommends emptying the recycle bin before updating. Sounds very similar.
  14. I'd say it was down to running it on sub duty into a 4ohm load bridged. I think Peavey say it's acceptable, but it's not good practice in my opinion.
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