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  1. I was with the dj who's been teaching me the art of being a mobile dj last night and monday night doing discos at a local high school and we used my acme miracled and pair of adj mystics, and in a hall big enough to hold 300+ the 3 lights filled the place. I was so pleased with my purchases. Unfortunately we couldn't use haze, although the 2 retailers that I bought the lights off showed me the lights with haze and the looked stunning.
  2. The Classic Cuts dance covers album has this on it aswell as summer of 69. I quuite enjoy it.
  3. Have to agree here. Most of the clubbers at the superclubs who go to see the superstar dj's can spot a bad mix a country mile away. The likes of tiesto, ferry corsten etc. can only command the fees they get because they do it right every time.
  4. The dance remix of Leona Lewis's bleeding love off the Bob Sinclair remix of Madonna's 4 minutes. The last minute or so of 4 minutes drops to beats, so beat match bleeding love and fade it in. Works a treat.
  5. Remixland Summer 2008 - track 11 disc 2 - a good remix amd really easy to bring off plenty of other dance tracks.
  6. There are some exceptional bedroom dj's around. I went to see Armin van Buuren play a 51/2 hour set at God's Kitchen in Birmingham in April. I don't know if you've been there, but you can stand right next to the dj booth and watch them close up, and his set certainly wasn't stored on a memory card. I'm new to dj'ing and came into the mobile side of things after learning to mix trance and hard house on vinyl on an old pair of stanton belt drive turntables given to me by a colleague earlier this year, and putting together a decent set without fluffing a mix is a real art.
  7. A local dj has been letting me go along with him to learn the ropes and he currently uses a traditional tango, but I had a demo of the led tango at a retailers in Birmingham last week and it looked even better.
  8. Those curved banks of speakers look very similar to the set-up that Avril Lavigne used at the NEC last week (only there taking my 16 year old daughter to see the Jonas Brothers, her support act)
  9. They seem to be changing the rules day by day. VOSA are shortly to re-introduce about 20 reasons fo failure regards number plates on the MOT aswell, because any variation in character thickness, fancy fonts or shadow graphics on the plate can cause the anpr cameras to give a false reading. If they keep slowing the traffic down will they then say that congestion has increased and roll out more congestion charges?
  10. He just said that I'd need to replace them before long because the drives didn't last on them. Can't moan though because they came cheap enough and the supplier that I bought them off is only about 2 miles away from me.
  11. I used to love the KLF. I bought their album "The White Room" years ago when it was released and was absolutely gutted that the album versions of some of the tracks were completely different from the radio edits. Last Train to Transcentral and 3am Eternal are still guaranteed to get my toes tapping though.
  12. As I'm a newbie to this, I thought I'd add my two pence worth. As a complete novice, attempting to make a start in this field is pretty intimidating. I decided to have a go because I've been to a few parties lately where the dj's were appalling - speakers so loud that the sound distorted and you felt as though your ear drums were about to burst, a severe lack of variety of tunes and about as much atmosphere as outer space. Instead of just whining about it I decided to put my money where my mouth is and have a go. I certainly don't think it's easy, especially when you see the exceptional stan
  13. I went to the NADJ show at the National Motorcycle Museum last Sunday to look for a deck stand but ended up buying a pair of Citronic mpcd-s6's. I've had a play with them at home and I'm more than happy with them, but talking to one of the traders after I'd bought them, he poo-poo'd them rather. Has anyone had any experience of using these? Are there any notable problems concerning reliability and longevity?
  14. I've got a djx700 and like it a lot. It is my first proper mixer though. The first one I had was a little Kam silver dwarf that I was given, but my djx700 is great for mixing trance and hard house and the effects add a nice twist. I've only had mine 3 months so I can't really comment on the reliability and longevity.
  15. I've just bought a miracled and I'm really pleased with it. It will work off sound activation, a CA-8 controller or dmx. I paid £119 for it so it didn't break the bank.
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