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  1. thanks guys for the help! sorry not been on 4 days as been so busy.. it's a good sub and hoping to get another once i've got a bigger van lol if anyone knows where to buy that crossover that would be great as i will probably get one.. cheers, hope you're all having a busy and successful month :-)
  2. Haha Robster might have to try that.. vacant and starry eyed lol @ Dave, it was in August so they were either sick of MJ from the radio coverage or just wanted "something they can dance to" ;-) *cough*
  3. Thanks for all the replies guys, that's what I was thinking too, as bass is generally in mono the way I'm using it now is not a problem.. However the main reason I bought a sub was to take the pressure off the tops as I'm doing some reasonable size venues playing RnB/Dance at 16ths, 18ths etc and even a rave the other week! lol I noticed most active subs (e.g. Mackie one) have 2 inputs and 2 outputs, meaning the bass is taken away from both top speakers, and I just wondered a way of doing this with my single input/output sub.. Can't really send it back as it's been used now! SO
  4. Hi, Well I've just bought a £600 sub and didn't realise it only had one XLR input and one XLR output. I'm using it with 2 x Mackie SRM 450s (original) and was wondering if it's possible to split the L/R to go into the sub, and then split the single sub output to send to the 2 tops? If I was to get an XLR splitter would this make life easier? I'm currently using the sub on one side of the rig and using the other SRM450 as standard. I'm happy to run in mono but obviously don't want to lose one side of the track in the process! Hoping to get another sub one day but in the mea
  5. Haha, enjoying the answers here... so true!! Can't remember for definite what MJ tune it was Dave, but I'm pretty sure it was Don't stop til you get enough! the ultimate floor killer of course.. I'm sure if I'd played anything else out of my collection they would have stayed! maybe some dubstep or something? *cough*
  6. I love those lights! Does anyone know what they are called / where you can buy them?
  7. I got asked to play Beyonce "crazy in love" when I had played it 20mins before! I said sure I'll put it on but I've already played it... "oh have you?" aaahh!! This was the same gig that I played a MJ tune and EVERYONE walked out of the room! a world first?! All part of the job! ;-)
  8. Ah yes the old round silver things! Another good commercial track is Raghav - Angel Eyes and Panjabi MC - Mundian To Bach Ke... should be on itunes / amazon etc. they are great fun to drop in at the right moment. good beats!
  9. Hi, I've got a company party at a venue in the City of London, and alongside PLI etc they have asked me to write a risk assessment. I've never done this before so has anyone got any advice?! e.g ' if guests get too drunk they might fall over ' :wall: joking aside I'm at a bit of a loss so any advice would be appreciated! Cheers
  10. Hi there, I've done a couple of Indian weddings and have mixed in some Bhangra. It works really well! I don't have a lot but check out a CD called "Bar Bhangra", available on google shopping.. there are some good tracks on there, and another good tune is called "Desi Girl" Have a good un!
  11. Hi the Tri Phase is a great light! I'm pretty sure the invincibled is quite similar to impossibled? As I said I'd go for the Tri Phase, it's super bright and with smoke the beams look almost like lasers.. A mate's got one but it's next on my list! Cheers :-)
  12. Hi, After chatting to other DJs I would recommend Antari. They do bigger ones, but also smaller budget machines and they are a good reliable make for bubbles in my opinion. Looking to get one myself soon. Avoid the 'high street' electrical shops wink wink versions as i have heard they are so bad one DJ I know just left it at the gig. They're a good effect used wisely, just watch the dancefloor isn't getting wet (I only use one at kid's parties normally, and only with a full dancefloor) PM me if u need any links etc cheers have a good weekend!
  13. Hi all, just got back from a gig.. Seems to be a lot of discussion around haze / smoke machines recently. Apart from the fire alarm issue, (which as mentioned before, can miraculously be avoided for resident DJs / corporate events), can anyone tell me why some venues are so against the use of effects such as smoke / haze? Surely like anything, if used sensibly and tastefully it's only going to add to the atmosphere of the night. Say a wedding couple spend £4000 on a venue, and £400 on a DJ, why shouldn't the DJ be able to provide a service to the best of their ability without hindrance fr
  14. mikeyb


    Seems like it's a big tune, getting a lot of radio play now. also david guetta. 17th Mat is the official release i think.. anyone know different?
  15. mikeyb


    Have any of you got this yet and has it been requested? Did a club gig on Friday and it as requested 4 times in an hour! Not officially released for a couple of weeks - is it on DMC etc? Maybe not a favourite for a wedding, but 18ths I think it'd go down a storm for the right crowd..
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