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  1. Was not a planned route the first time just kinda happened whilst speaking to customer on the phone, the other two were more calculated risks based on the first one, sure after i have one paying the lesser amount then it will go back to the usual system of that is the price take it or leave it.
  2. Not saying it will work every time or for everyone, takes a bit of charm too, but also if you get a dodgy pint do you get another free or complain you also have the choice to leave the pub, or dodgy meal do you get a discount???? you don't normally have the luxury of having another dj who can play for your event that has already started and customer may not know you have good reputation etc so its a lot more limited than deciding to order a different pint or go to a different pub.
  3. Know this is slightly off topic but took a gamble a couple of times recently when i have had customers ring up with a cheaper quote say between £50 and £100 less and want me to match it, I have agreed that i will do it at that price but if you are 100% happy with what i have done then you pay the original amount, I have done this three times now and so far have always been paid the original quote rather than the reduced one and on one of the occasions paid me £75 extra :Thumbup: I know there will be someone who will pay the lesser amount soon which may change my thinking but until then
  4. i use ots media which i think is fantastic so just create a title which ever suites and add it to what ever boxes suites eg rock pop indie etc and then years so they can be found in both eg cheryl cole fight for this love in pop and 2009, also have a genre called party starters and favourites (tracks that can pretty much be played at most events incase my brain freezes on me)
  5. Thanks for both the above responses and will bear these in mind. I feel i need to upgrade my pro sound speakers anyway now that i am getting more work. I did a 16th birthday party last year in a equestrian centre and buy the end of the night the amps were not too happy. However i have also had some real compliments of the sound quality of the pro sound speakers, but thats been gigs where they have not had to work hard. Will bear you in mind if i decide to hire i am essex based but the gig is london. Thanks again for your advice
  6. Hi there, I need to upgrade my speaker system as i have a booking for 200-300 16 yr old school leavers. i dont think for one minute (dare i say it) my prosound system is going to cut the mustard :hide: . I would like to go down the active route if possible I have seen two mackie srm 450 v2 and a active mackie sub for about the £1500 mark, is this a good price??? will this also cater for this event, the majority of events i do are weddings and other such parties with not such a large crowd. so ideally after a set up of speakers that can do large gigs if needed but also suitable for smaller
  7. HI all, just had a very desperate lady on the phone, she has been let down by a dj who has double booked, she is now panicing and ringing round and finding everyone is booked up anyone who is available please contact her dircet. Details below Name: Mrs Honeyman tel: 01268 416082 venue: heron gate F.C. in billericay ESSEX 50-60 guests which will include family of varying age, but did state they all are up for a good dance. date: 30th may 2009 Budget not know Hope someone out there can help her, sounds like it should be an easy yet great night. Sadly i am alre
  8. I like the sound of this i will certainly give it a go thanks :amen: thanks no worries, think they are making names too similar to confuse everyone like, miracled invincebled or whetever they are called not t forget the impossibled
  9. thanks for the advice thought it might be something like finding a glass shop. my led tango's for your info jim look like this http://www.westenddj.co.uk/product.asp?mod=TANG02[/img]
  10. Hi there, hope this is in the right place, i am trying to find a replacement mirror for my led tango's but cant seem to find them anywhere, anything i do find appears to be too small compared to the mirror that is currently fitted :damn: . Is there anywhere anyone knows of that does replacement mirrors for dj lights or is it a case of getting one specifically cut? any advice out there? Cheers Ian
  11. Hi guys, I came across an ad in loot as listed below, sadly this is far too far for me to travel but wondered if someone closer may like to help out. I know its a freebie but think of the children :hug: i run a voluntary kids club we need to raise funds please call shirley we run a voluntary kids club in chaddesden derby, we need to keep fund raising to stay open,we are searching for a DJ with equipment who is looking for experience, and is willing to work for petrol money and free food and pop all night, sorry it's bring your own beer at the community centre! please consider u
  12. I know of two in my in my area, sadly not had enough business to pass to any one yet but early days, one only does house music so if i had an request for that we have no problem passing on his details. The other i met through this web site and has been very helpful smile icon
  13. Still realtively new to dj'ing started last year done a few cheap or free gigs for charity/local nursury not to general public though, not too bothered if people are cheaper, hoping i will be known for my qualities so word of mouth best recommendation, been to so many disco's over the years where the dj has killed the party by not reading the crowd etc(im sure it was none of you on here) thats why i started dj'ing oh and of course my love for music. I was on gumtree the other day you can hire your own mixer amp and speaker for £59 i think it was, there will be some people who may well hir
  14. Thanks will use nut and bolt, just thought i was looking in the wrong place for them Thanks again
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