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  1. Sorry mate, the thing Im thinking of is the way I can lend these out when Im in uni, coz theres no way I can take all my kit into a single room. I will be keeping it a hours drive away. With the equipment Im selecting I can get the local bands to rent it out etc. I've also been thinking about a Numark omni mixer. Basically because it has the sound card built in and software. But that's rather pricey... And if I'm not doing production do I need it? Just need a cross fader and I can go really. What is the difference between the stealth and just ion icue? Neither have a sound card so is
  2. I've done a stint of 1 yr+ helping my bro dj with cd's. I hated it, it just takes longer to search for songs, and you never stop. Where when we started on a laptop, we had a few problems to start, but then we got into it and its much easier. Yes it does get boring when your waiting for the song to finnish, but its a more enjoyable night over all.
  3. Unsure if this is in the right area, and I havent seen anybody rant about it lately... Anyway I want to start out in DJing I have done it for a year or so with my brother. We once did a UV theme party, but we only had little UV lighting so it didnt work too much. Im just wondering if I was to offer this type of party, how much UV lights do I need. Plus is there much point? The UV lights might harm the crowd, is it worth the risk? I've added a poll, please fill it in and tell me what you use if you use it etc...
  4. Just quickly I've found the few I really fancy just wanna know if the lights are any good, And if it would be better just getting two spinny things lol. I would be able to fit this in my car if I put the seats down. - Behringer PMH3000 £219 | Mixer - Peavey Pro Sub & Pro 15 Package 1200W RMS - £449 | Speakers -Acme Super Nova Pack £169 | Lights Total price so far is around £800 so will prob end up getting different lights. Would the amp power the speakers, from maplin maybe. Knock it down by like £100 if I can haha
  5. It is normally only half at any one time. My brother does every event booked through them. He use to use 800W but theres something wrong with them, so he uses some like 20 year old one:S The thing with getting a new car is impossible. I am gonna be in uni next year and will only come back on weekends if I have bookings. And I am only 17 and doing my test next month, so no way I can rent anything. The only thing I could do is ask my parents to take me down and pick my equipment the next day. What is a no anyway. that also goes with me looking for cheap equipment, I have been offered
  6. Sorry for such a longggg wait... I have finally decided I might aswell give this ago as Im away in uni next year and will need as much cash as I can get. I aim to be ready for the xmas rush, so in kinda a huge hurry. I wanna do this well cheap so that i get as much profit... Anyway I have a laptop and music, so I intend on using this to dj. I have seen this powered mixer, I think this should be ideal for less space and just plugging my laptop into and mics etc. Looking quickly I found one that looks half decent, here, its a behringer pmh3000. I can prob find it cheaper. Any pro's a
  7. Oh welcome MR Jenkins you old fart :P
  8. Thanks all I emailed them asking about alot of things. I am willing to spend around £300-£400 on speakers + amp. But I'm trying to find high watts what I know will be a prob.
  9. From what it shows on the page is: Highlights: * Carrying handle * 3-way bass reflex system * Powerful 800 W outptut * Hard wearing felt covering, and sturdy corner protection * Fittings for stands Hasn't mentioned Rms etc... Unless I'm been blind and can't see it :S Ebay page
  10. So you are saying like 1000W. On average I guess :S. So I will need atleast 3 speakers tbh. I seen these nice ones. They are from SKYTEC. pritty good looking aswell :p. I have been ebaying and found them btw. Theres one 800W for under £70 so I dont think it will be quality. But has anyone heared of this and any good reviews will be helpful.
  11. How much watts does it normally take to fill a disco? Actually they are free for orders over £156 :p
  12. I haven't actually done anything yet just played around with my brothers kit. And because of my exams wont be able to help him when he does his first few gigs. So I am totaly new but have wanted to be a dj for years.
  13. I've been looking all day I wanted something with a laptop but then ditched this idea and want a mp3 style. I have really looked mostly into the "Cortex HDC1000". From what I've read and seen via youtube.com its a nice little piece of kit. Also doesn't cost a bomb tbh. Only £200 from most shops (Haven't really been looking that long) I will also need lights but they should be easy to find tbh, but wont mind if somebody know's of a good deal to post it here. The only problem exept undecided on what player is the speakers. I got told don't buy of Maplins on this other site after telli
  14. Hello new here and to the Dj life tongue out icon . I am thinking in starting up a small business just to make a little. I am currently looking for kit. I will start another topic to ask for some help. I'm 15 so I think that might/will be a problem. But In July I will be 16 what might make life a bit easyer. Hello and I will prob need help sometime to another so please dont hesitate
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