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  1. Any ideas anyone on how to rip a CD with Itunes so it will have both the Song title AND ARTIST in the same fornt so OtsAV can do a serch by artist not just song title? Thanks Richard
  2. Right, Ive used I tunes (now trying to get my head round Catraxx) The only problem with Itunes is it will rip your named traks but only the song title is high lighted, the artist name is there under the track name but in a lighter shade of wrighting. I converted the files to Ots AV but when you serch you can only serch for song titles as I think because the artist is in a lighter shade of wrighting from being ripped with Itunes. Any ideas on how to solve this problem? Thanks Richard!!!
  3. Hi, Just downloaded Catraxx, How do you rip catolouged CD's? Thanks Rich
  4. Ive talked to quite a few people who all seem to know people who know people who have 40,000 karaoke tracks all on a ext. hard drive.... Well I have looked all over the internet and found nothing!!! Where can you buy it from? Thanks, Richard
  5. 18th Birthday Parity Well, Got there, Set up, Started about 7:30pm played about 2 songs on laptop through OtsAv whylst showing B.day boy how to use my CD players so after the 2 songs he gave it ago and he was not bad... eventually spent 1 and 3 quarters of an hour playing tracks. I then spent about 5 mins playing songs again off the laptop by this time it would be about 9pm and then low and behold completely forgot he had also booked 2 other pro nishe/baseline DJ's from another pub in sheffield who did from 9-11!! From there there was a few speaches from himself/Freinds & family
  6. See new post in Karaoke/DJ chat
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  8. Good point! I do have floor fillers 1 and 2
  9. TOPIC MOVED Hi All, I have not done a 18th B.day parity for years and will be doing one tonight for the first time in years!!! I currently have the past 2-3 months top 40 singles charts, And also have Now 27 - to currant Now CD's I am planning to play Dance & RnB possibly abit of indie. It is only a 2 hour spot as the B.day boy is a bit of a Bedroom DJ who will be playing niche for the last 2 hours. So as like I say, A play list would be appreciated!! Thanks, Rich
  10. TOPIC MOVED Hi all, I currently use windows XP on a HP Pavilion laptop, On the front there is 2 1/4" earphone sockets and 1 1/4" Mic socket, Is there any programs out there that will enable me to plug a mic in which will go straight through to the speakers? Preferably with reverb? Thanks, Richard
  11. Weddings/private doo's from say 8:30 till 11:30 - 12pm probably about £175 regular spots for same hours £100-£120 I calnt really tell with them any more because my regulars dont involve bringing my own lights and stands, exept for speakers of course!!
  12. I did a Karaoke last night at a pub local to me which I do fortnightly and last night (Thurs) was my secong n ight, When I drove past in the daytime i noticed they was no sighn up on the A board for the karaoke where the week before there was... So anyway got there and one of the bar staff said "ow we did not think you where going to turn up" I found this a bit strange as I had got there in plenty of time. Then one of the regulars told me he had heard I had been keyed as in attaked, I replied "no not me" Anyway end of the night afterwards when everyone had gone, I was talking to the
  13. I keep getting this error message, Any ideas?? Thanks Rich
  14. I think he already has done as in the last 5 mins after I rang him!! I expect he will recive an e-book or sommert!! Thanks all!!
  15. My freind baught it, last month but lost book!! Once I have sorted the disks I've gotta delete it so want to get them sorted ASAP plus got a karaoke comeing up 2moz!!
  16. Hi Rob/All Right, Ive managed to get hold of KSLC proffessional KJ edition 2008 with all updates, And I calnt see anything about re-nameing as above? Please could someone talk me through it? Thanks Richard
  17. I think Rob knows what im getting at.. Some currantly look like this... I would like them all to look like this...
  18. Hi all, Right, Ive added quite allot of karaoke disks of mine to my ext. hard drive, Some of them are named as in File number - Track number - Artist - song title. But some of the older disks only come up as File name - track number, No artist or song title. I am planning on using show presenter for the karaoke side and would therefore like all the karaoke tracks naming, Is there any software out there to do this? Thanks, Richard...
  19. [/i] Ok thanks Rob, I will try it out when ive done the rest... Richard
  20. Hi all, Currently working through my karaoke CD's burning them to my hard drive using Power CD+G burner, I have come across GEK-104 ant it wouldn’t burn correctly ive tried to audio file and all i get is a horrid noise!! And there is no graphic!! What programme should i use? Thanks, Richard PS. There is no scraches or dirt on the cd
  21. Well what would you put into the serch?? I tried famous faces but a right load of rubbish came up!! or do you mean like type in "cat stevens" for example or "lewis hamilton" ?? Personaly I could do with a website with them all there!! Yes fantastic for the Trivia side!! Thanks
  22. Hi, I’m looking for a good websites to copy and paste famous faces from past to present (I’m looking for 5 pics per week) and 10 general knowledge questions any ideas on websites to try? Thanks Richard...
  23. How many Megabites are MP3+G files? Im thinking of doing a converting service for people, Im thinking of saying a max of 10 CD+G disks per CD, ie. to cover myself incase i get sent CD+G disks with 15 tracks on. But walking before I can run - Is this idea legal?? I will be saying original disks only Thanks Richard
  24. Not to shure really, If it helps you could do it through e-bay. Take a look at my e-bay advert http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Chalet-to-Let-Mablet...A1%7C240%3A1318 This is the only way I can think of... Thanks Richard
  25. I have just sorted all my karaoke out but my list creator is on my old laptop which broke!! can anyone do the books for me into excel format please? I have all the disk codes ect just no list creator anymore to do it with. Thanks, Rich...
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