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  1. Hi Thanks for that. The capacitors were there as I can see the remains of the old ones, however, given what you have said, do I actually need to get them replaced ? Thanks again, Glenn.
  2. Hello, Me again. Can anyone recomend a supplier for the 24v 250w lamp holders - as per twister 4's etc. I can only find the lower wattage and voltage ones. Thanks again, Glenn
  3. Hello, I must admit I haven't posted for a while but having read the other datamoon threads I think I will ask for some help and advice. I have two datamoons that I am giving the once over and both of them need a component replaced on the PCB, the location on the board is marked "C8" so I am guessing capacitors are required (can that be confirmed??), but can anyone tell me what rating these should be, and where I might get them from. The 'moons in question are the ones built in china - if that makes any difference. Thanks for the help, Glenn.
  4. I have heard that high pitched feed back can damage speakers but i don't know about the humming. Would be interesting to find out though. Over to the speaker wizz kids I guess :shrug:
  5. Good call It's a Carlsbro mic. It is a UHF model but it was subĀ£100 when I bought it and apart from the humming it's a good mic. I am sure it is something simple to fix, like adjusting the squelch or changing the leads etc. It's one of those jobs that seems to get pushed to the back of the to do list if you know what I mean. You can't hear the hum when the music is playing and I do use a corded mic too. Good luck, Glenn.
  6. Hi, First post for a while but this one caught my eye. I had a similar annoying buzzing through my rig. I did everything that has been suggested in the other posts and in the end it came down to interference coming through my radio mic receiver - just a thought, but it is something else worth checking I guess (supposing you have a radio mic that is ) See ya, Glenn
  7. Hi all, This may well be in the wrong place, but..... Now, I don't want to be accused of trying to teach people to suck eggs but from my experiences this last week I would like to encourage everyone to make sure sure their P.C's virus protection is running upto date and correctly. After several days of frantic phone calls and calling in favours from friends, I have now managed (some what expensively) to recover from an trojan horse attack. The virus hit after I opened a few emails (all from known sources) and unknowingly opened a link informing me my P.C was infected - open
  8. According to the email I received, they state they no longer sell lasers. However I saw them still on the site as well when I was looking into my own machine - just a bit confusing ! Glenn.
  9. Hi I recenttly contacted them about a laser that I picked up second hand. They took a while to reply to me but they freely gave me all the info I needed. I can confirm though, that they no longer do lasers. Cheers, Glenn
  10. Hi, I use a zoom Z30. It is an awesome machine and chucks thousands of bubbles high and far but, having now used it I would think long and hard before buying another the same. The tray that holds the fluid is very flimsy and mine has now been repaired twice. Emptying the tray at the end of the night is a bit fidley as you have to prop open the lid at the same time as pulling out the tray. Also, although it comes with a hanging bracket, the thought of a machine that size hanging from a gantry is quite off-putting. If you can live with that then yes they are very good.
  11. Hi I am with VOKF on this one - I use a bubble machine but only run it for a few seconds (that's all the time it needs, it's more of a bubble monster) every so often. I think it's the same with a lot of things in life - moderation rules.......! Glenn. Edit - I will add that if a venue or customer does not allow or want bubbles, the machine stays on the van.
  12. Hi all. I have re-advertised and re-contacted past clients and the phone has started ringing again and some future bookings are starting to come in (at last). However, I am still very quiet in the short term, so... If anyone needs someone to pass a gig or two on to in the Suffolk area, please give me a call, I may be able to help. I usually work within a 40 mile radius of home (Wickham Market) but would be happy to travel further if travelling allowances were taken into consideration. I am able to play comfortably to audiences of upto 150ish people and am experienced with Wedd
  13. Arrgghhh - speed bumps :damn: Not much fun in a full works van either. These things are sent to try us, apparently Keep smelling Glenn.
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