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  1. Guys, Sorry to be a pain but I am running a very early version of VDJ and would like to run the software via my external mixer. The question I have is when I access the CONFIG button in the VDJ, I don't know which set up to choose, I run the software via a DJIO soundcard at present which works well, but wanted to get a bit more control by using a mixer. There are plenty of Youtube tutorials if running the newest version of VDJ but not for the early version I have (I think mine is 3.5) Any suggestions please? :wall:
  2. Thanks very much mate, it is nice to have a simple answer to a question rather than the usual scratching of the heads which is what I normally get. :Thumbup:
  3. Hi Guys, I have just purchased a Cortex HDC3000 Media Music Player, Numark 200FX Mixer, Numark DJIO Audio Interface Soundcard, KAM KXR 1000 Amplifier and 2 Pioneer CDJ 500S Players. The problem is I don't know how to connect all these together with my KAM speakers which have a speakon output. Can someone please explain how I get all this to work, PLEASE!!!!!!!!! :wall: :sad:
  4. Hi guys, Probably the wrong thread so apologies, but if anyone out there is using the Cortex HDC 1000 can they please enlighten me as to what size rack mount is. I have been told it fits a 3U but after measuring my existing CD controller on my Kamcase which is where I want to place it and looking at the HDC on various internet pages I think the HDC 1000 is actually 2U. Can anybody put me out of my misery!!! :wall:
  5. Hi all, I have been asked to put on a fundraiser disco on April 23rd (St Georges Day) 2110 at a local hall for our Town Mayoress. She has stipulated that the audience is generally an older age group and she wants an English theme. As I have about 7 months to prepare has anybody got any ideas as to what I can do in the respect of music, effects etc... Any help greatly appreciated. :wall:
  6. Include the following and you will defo get them on the floor!! Red Light Spells Danger - Billy Ocean Young Hearts Run Free - Candi Staton Right Back Where We Started From - Maxine Knightingale Don't Take Away The Music - Tavares Regards Dave :good:
  7. Hi all, If anyone knows of any gigs where the audience want to dance to this style of music, I will put on a great gig playing the best in great dance music from a great era. Fully mobile, fully insured and ready to work. Please PM me with any takers Cheers Dave smile icon
  8. I find that if you get the girls up and dancing you cannot fail, the good old catchy 70's soul tunes Donna Summer, Barry White etc.. will always get them going. Save the ska and cheese till the end and the lads will get up there also. :joe:
  9. Again what a ridiculous statement!! No DJ can guarantee a packed dance floor no matter how experienced you are. It depends on the atmosphere of the crowd and the DJ's ability to read them to get the dance floor moving. I have played for crowds who have really enjoyed being at the venue and danced pretty much straight away and I have played for crowds who really can't be bothered and would rather talk to friends all night. I have found that if you can get the girls up dancing the rest is generally easy because the blokes will like sheep follow suit. :cheers: Rapmeister
  10. 1. Band of Gold - Freda Payne 2. It's Raining Men - Weather girls 3. Valerie - Mark Ronson Feat Amy Winehouse 4. Build Me Up Buttercup - Foundations 5. Something Kinda Ooohh - Girls Aloud :dukesy:
  11. Just a quick thanks to all on the forum that gave me advice for the gig I did on 26 June 2009. It was a terrific success and I have been rebooked. Cheers Rapmeister :funjokeandlaugh:
  12. I played a family gig the other night and found Tavares "Don't take away the music " went down a treat for the first track after the buffet had finished. :pizza: :funjokeandlaugh:
  13. Hi all, I am playing a gig to a youth football team on Friday night, the clientele are youngsters from between 12 and 15 years old and of course all the adults too. What music do I start the do off with? I am fine with all the fast dance floorfillers and cheese as the evening progresses but it is the start of the do I am struggling with. Do I go straight into a catchy number or do I start with a few slower songs? HELP!!! :hurt: :wall:
  14. Rihanna - Please don't stop the music Duffy - Mercy Basshunter - Now your'e gone Amy Winehouse - Valerie For starters, these have always been asked for at functions I have done. :flex:
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