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  1. Hi bigmcben , tarten rules. my other dayjob has 4 weeks of annual shutdown so we go camping in the glens but I will drive back down to england every weekend for my gigs and drive back after. four weeks off at this time of year would be very expensiveand commercial suicide, just to sit on my @r$3 all week. :joe: big mac
  2. big mac

    Song Help Needed

    er how about working on the chain gang. or dolly's 9 to 5 big mac
  3. cheers guys love and light to all :joe:
  4. Hi. I alway pre-empt the first dance with a request " Ladies & Gentlemen, Quickly ! dig out your box brownies, you will be needing them in just a minute " This is my q to the bride & groom that she/he has just one minute ! Ladies & Gentlemen,,,, Lets welcome to the dance floor Mrs jones. and her lucky husband mr jones. "Wow what a gorgeous outfit, abolutley stunning, ravishly, ,,,,, and she looks great too ! "Q the music maistro" Works for me Love and Light Big Mac
  5. "Jam! I wish I was your Mother" ... eeerr NO ! I often know some of the words or chorus but not what its called. Does any one know a decent web site where it can just type in some lyrics and get the possible song titles listed. "Oh on nights like these, feel like falling on my knees, feel like calling heaven please, find my love ?" Ohan BIG thanks to all who help sending advise & reccommendation to my for wigan pier, especially wendyice :joe: It was a massive success despite my reservations about taking it all thanks to you guys ! Love and Light Big make
  6. Maybe Donnington Racing Curcuit carpark on 18 October (BPM) It was pretty empty last year tongue out icon :ads: there was entertainment & refreshments :cheers:
  7. any thoughts a to a time of year, maybe jan or feb when work slackensd of abit ? (weddings & xmas all finished)? big mac
  8. Hi leigh , welcome aboard pot-herb, I can see your house from here, big mac
  9. HI monkey welcome what kind of dj are you hoping to work with and what do you am to be ? club, wedding, broadcast, just nosey is all and where are you from big mac
  10. I got "sex rhum and dance hall" and "da biggest ragga dancehall anthems 2007" from a jamacian punter last year who informed me that Titanium Ragga is in at the moment ?!? I suppose their age is a facter here "titanium riddims" album was popular with the dodgey looking Gangsta Yardies but the oldies still want raggae >>> and nina simone, lots of it ! The albums sounded aweful to me but they loved it Biggish Styley ! iieeii massif ! Word ! big mac :joe:
  11. We do this quite often with no problems. Hi, i might be missing the point, i often do, but cant you just use cordless speakers run from a transmitters taken form aux/rec out on the mixer. I sometime use a bank of 6x 40watts rms built in a flightcase that just plugs in any 240v socket. they were only something like £50 quid a pair from maplins.co.uk Cheap and easy for background volumes. they have a realistic ditance of 50-60 meters and i often use them in a different rooms and just plug them in behind the bar. Then forget them and go back for them the next day. I seen a nice blu
  12. Hi dave welcome. Wow, some how NRG knew what i was going to write. Mavericka is a great starter, then nolans, Liquid gold, shania -that dont impress me much, simply the best, dancing queen, wake me up before you gogo and then flashdance This should get most of the woman in the room dancing. Then encourage the woman will bully their men on when flashdance comes on. As a reward for first man up I usually play madness or hot stuff for him. I'm just too kind. However before we play all this. fade the background music off completely. fade main house light right down, fade, turn m
  13. Cheers guys, your too kind :love: love and light to all big mac
  14. Hi Jim , yeah Its at "the Orwell , sounds like you now it well, im so out of my comfort zone its scary. dont suppose you know the song the orwell mentioned in. tongue out icon big mac
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