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  1. Thanks for the advice, but this is one of those annoying jobs that's reached me after being booked with one agent, who passed it to another agent, who passed it to me. So I have no way of contacting the client. I have no real way of being certain that they won't expect Jewish music of some kind - it may go without saying, as it's a barmitzvah - and I really need some help pretty urgently about what songs to take, and which versions are most popular.
  2. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me with this. I have been asked to DJ at a barmitzvah this Sunday. I'm not Jewish, and know little (if anything) of Jewish culture, but accepted this job as I've been assured that it will be like "any other party". Problem is, what if it isn't? What I need to know is, in order to be prepared, what songs should I have if required? I'm familiar with Hava Nagila, but which version is best? Are there any other songs I should have? (Anything you can recommend must be available for download, as I have no time for a visit to a record shop). I'd
  3. Absolutely. I was asked for K.I.G. Head Shoulders Knees & Toes about eight weeks ago, by some idiot kid who refused to accept that it hadn't been released yet and therefore unavailable, because SHE had got it on Limewire! One thing I flatly refuse to do is source music illegally, not ONLY because it's illegal, but because I don't want to risk infecting my computer with God knows what! Ditto my friend. The very reason why I set the poll and asked the question. Getting some interesting and varied answers here, keep 'em coming!
  4. Simple really: As function DJs, we regularly play songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s as well as today's music. BUT will we still be playing ANY of the songs that have charted in the last 12 months, 10 years from now? Will Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" be as popular in say, 2019 as Young Hearts Run Free or Dancing In The Street still are now? Will we be playing Kings Of Leon's Sex On Fire in the same set as Sweet Child Of Mine? Or will the music of the 21st century just not stand the test of time? Is longevity dead? If you think that some tracks WILL still be getting requested in 10
  5. Um...sorry. I now consider myself suitably chastised for my insensitive and highly inappropriate comments. :sad:
  6. That's very interesting Mitch, which songs that most of us take for granted could you not play for example?
  7. Nothing at every gig, but at the vast majority it would have to be Love Shack.
  8. I absolutely 100% agree. I'm not a fan of Lady GaGa, and even less a fan of the likes of 50 Cent, but if it's requested and I think it will work well (given the crowd I'm playing to), then I will play it. AND sound like I like it as much the crowd do, no matter how much I actually hate it. My personal opinion of the music doesn't even enter the equation.
  9. Thanks very much for your suggestions guys! I decided a few weeks ago to hold off on Spitting Image's Chicken Song for a bit after playing The Birdie Song and Orville's Song in the same week - The Chicken Song seemed like a step too far! Star Trekking is on the agenda to play soon.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if it's allowed for me to mention this here (and if not then moderators please feel free to remove it!) Although I don't reply to many of the forum threads, I am an avid reader of what everyone here has to say and have noticed that so many of us are fans of 80s music. So I hope you don't mind me bringing to your attention a show I do twice a week on an internet only radio station called Reach OnAir. It's called Remember The 80s, and it's basically my chance to spend two hours bringing the music of this great decade to the masses! So - just thought some
  11. 25th birthday for me on Saturday. Quite a clubby request list, which is fine except that it includes drum and bass. That kind of :poo: usually only gets requested at 16th/18ths, so quite unusual.
  12. Don't want to go off topic here, but out of interest, if CD DJs end up being forced to buy their music by download once the CD single breathes its last, then burn their downloads to CD, will they then require a pro-mug dub licence for format shifting? To answer your question Mike, I buy all my downloads from Amazon now. Their pricing is reasonable, in fact they have lots of tracks at 59 and 69p now. Some are only 29p. And ALL mp3, no DRM.
  13. I buy ALL my music on Amazon these days, as their download software also places the music you buy in your iTunes folder automatically. This is great for putting the same songs on my ipod to listen to in the car! iTunes disgusted me when they didn't reduce their prices when the VAT rate reduced from 17½ to 15%. Even just a penny off, 79p to 78p, would have shown they give a stuff about their British customers, but apparently they don't so Amazon rules! Plus Amazon's downloads are straighforward mp3, so perfect for DJ use.
  14. Nothing Friday, just got back from doing a wedding tonight in Essex. Great conversation with a guest: Guest: Can you play This Old Heart Of Mine by The Isley Brothers? Me: Sure, no problem. Guest: Will you come and tell me when it's on? Me: Not really mate, I can't be running around looking for you! And anyway, you'll hear it! Guest: No, I won't know it. I've never heard it before. Me: So why are you requesting a song you don't know? Guest: It's for my mate. Me: Ok, well he'll tell you when it's on. Guest: He won't know, HE'S DEAF! I swear this bloke wasn't jokin
  15. I do about two thirds of my work for a great London based agent, provides me with plenty of work, money is reasonable after his cut, I have no complaints. He pays out thousands on advertising every year which gets the work in, I don't have those kinds of worries. He rings me for a specific date, if I'm available I'll do it, if not I won't. Very easy, no stress. Never had a problem on the night with any of his jobs, been with him about 13 years now. So, :Thumbup: to agency work!
  16. Yes, it absolutely does. No question. Otherwise, people who carry out emergency cover in ANY industry are clearly only doing it for the money. If I'm asked to cover some amateur, "cheap" DJ who hasn't bothered to turn up, at short notice, and I'm available to do so, I charge the same as I would have done if I'd been booked for it months in advance. Obviously more than the no show, but no late notice premium. That's just taking the pee.
  17. Given the high cost of repairs (parts and labour) against the relatively low cost of laptops, I'd say get a new laptop.
  18. Well, there was no mention of whether the venue would insist on seeing PLI or PAT certs, or whether either substitute DJ has them, so let's assume that's not an issue. And as not one single venue manager I have spoken to has even heard of Pro Dub licences, I wouldn't worry about DJ Y getting turned away for that. The other thing is his illegal music. Have any of us ever had PRS turn up to a wedding? I've never heard of anyone who has, so that also wouldn't concern me. Therefore, my only concerns are: Is he any good, and will he turn up? As these questions have already been covered, I
  19. Watching it on YouTube right now, what a great song! I'd completely forgotten about this one.
  20. There's an option missing from the poll. Yes is inadequate. I have to answer "HELL YEAH!" I've done a few of these, always great fun.
  21. Definitely A. Take the hit, but in future repeat the exact times back to potential clients on the phone. Assuming you use contracts? Surely you put the hours you thought they'd said on the form with the fee clearly shown? Then they would have queried that the hours are different to what they'd said? I'm guessing that maybe you don't use contracts, in which case I would suggest you should start. They're absolutely, unquestionably essential.
  22. I used to download from Itunes but there was the problem of DRM, but now I get everything through either Amazon or Play.com as they're unprotected mp3. This is only for new stuff, as I already converted my CD collection a few years ago.
  23. That would have to be Nelly The Elephant by The Toy Dolls. Tried it a few weeks ago to enormous (and somewhat unexpected) success.
  24. Come off it! There's no such thing as a "non-cheesy" wedding DJ is there? Sure there are non-cheesy DJs, but I'm sure they'll have a pretty short lived career doing weddings!
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