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  1. I am looking at These. hopefully i wont need spares but if i did where would i get spares, i am thinking of getting them from Here :cheers:
  2. Thanks for your reply i will take on board what you are saying :thumbsup:
  3. I am looking at buying 2 Skytec Professional Active DJ PA Speakers – 800 Watts are these speakers any good as i have seen on other topics and there is a mix of good and bad reports. I am a mobile dj (newby) and don't have a lot of money to spend i know most djs will say don't buy budget but that's all i can afford at the moment, all i really want to know will these speakers do the job, most gigs i do are for around 100 - 300 people thank you for you input :Thumbup:
  4. can someone please give me a web site where i can buy a cd player (Transport Assembly) for a numark kmx01 in the uk, i have tried numark in usa and they are out of stock, i don't know if they deliver to the uk thanks :djuhi:
  5. wullie4


    :shrug: i have a numark kmx01 i get error on both cd players when i put a cd in and the tray's dont seem to close properly can someone please help. I have had the unit for just over 2 years and have used it about 30 times i live in small town so its hard to get to the city to have someone look at it. Is there anything i can do to sort this problem or will i have to take it to the city as there is no one here to even look at it thanks :shrug:
  6. wullie4

    The Music Game

    On The Radio - Bryan FERRY & Roxy Music
  7. Thats a great help all of you always good to hear what other dj's think :thanks:
  8. i have always done kids discos and family functions but i find myself getting more gigs at other places, i was never one for talking to much on a mic (just the usual hello and buffet is served, last orders etc) could someone please adivse me on what kind of talk i should be saying the reason i am asking this is because some friends say i need to get some ''patter''(talk) going but i have'nt a clue what to say. is there some kind of special book or something that could give me some pointers on this subject. I know it comes natual to some people. thanks in advance smile icon
  9. Thanks for the reply's, think i will wait to see how the licence works out once its all sorted out
  10. is the cortex hdc 3000 as good and easy to use as the reviews say it is, i am thinking of getting one to do away with carrying hundreds of cds or has anyone had problems with this unit :thanks:
  11. Hi all i would just like to say hello to everybody i have been a mobile dj for years now mostly golden oldie and kids disco, think its about time i looked to other dj's for some help in expanding my knowledge if thats the right word. I hope to make new friends here and maybe help some too although i have been djing for years i am still in the learing process and looking for advice :cheers:
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