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  1. Thanks that was all are asked for. Some reason i can not get on the site. I am not a big player in the dj world may have been doing it for 18 yrs and i don't do it for a living so any help big or small i don't but comments at the end of posts but thanks
  2. Thanks for the none help. I thought this site was here to help djs and not to be sarky and for the comment by superstardeejay. I can not get the website of chauvet up for some reason that's why i asked for help on here which i will not ask for again i asked my local shop thay were more than helpfull than the 2 clowns that replied djshyboy
  3. Hi all I have the chauvet vue111 led and for the life of me can not rember the setup number. it is not dmx linked It has 1 to 12 at the back dues anyone now the stand alone set up. As i lent it to a mate and he dues have a tendancy to play with littel things if anyone can help i would be gratfull as at the mo the littel white buttons are all on and i know this is not right . I should know but old age and a twatty mate Thank boy/gurls andy
  4. she only asked for a request mad me lol
  5. over priced for what thay are and i work on a friday night djing at there club £4.50 for a beer £3.50 for a coke and the club is on site for chips in the park it £2.60 it only £1.00 local. The staff are to biss pulling the holidayers or ther work mate or skiving for a fag to do any work thay say it grate when i keep them on the floor it les work for them
  6. I must change my act full moon me thinks
  7. Hi Can anyone tell me what American Audio are like. Looking at the q2411 to go with me cortex or looking at the numark c1. As i know nothing about AA and DJ Capsule by skb know nowt about them to as money is low. Thanks all
  8. Yep i have the hdc 1000 tryed it out Saturday will have to get used to it. As i have allways used the numark cdmix still us the unit as me mixer. Looking to get the numark c1 mixes using seagate freeAgent drive must go on the cortex site to keep up to date. Hope i get on with it's better than taking 7 full cd boxes i must have been Mad
  9. I take my own water or coke unless it's a long day. Than in my contracet i say this dj would love to be offerd food
  10. Thanks It's on a website that has the full verson of a moden track as it backing
  11. Hi all Do u need ppl or prs if u play music on a web site Can anyone help on this and its a moden track Thanks all
  12. for me smart,jeans,shirt all the time, stopped wearing logos on shirts to tacky for me but thats just me.
  13. HI guys/girls Looking to get a cortex hd1000 setting up to a numark mix can i set it up with a fat hard drive can anyone help
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