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    An interesting read.


    I can't see this catching on, as most peole don't want the hassel factor.



    Oh I don't know, It's 8 years since my last post and I'm still going strong, so I must have 'backed the right horse' and be doing something right :-) Technology's moved on a bit over the last 8 years, iPods and CD's are out, Apple tablets are in, signals being fed into the PA via Bluetooth, frequently directly to the speakers, controlled with an app on a smart phone.

    Nice to see the forum's still on line, it's a shame no one posts on it anymore.

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  2. IEC 2-Way "Y" splitter lead UK standard 13amp plug to 2 x IEC plugs.

    Length: 1.40m plug to the Y splitter, and each lead is 0.40m to IEC plug.


    These are good quality leads with strain relief incorporated into the design, the leads have been used, but it's hard to tell, and they are in excellent condition, you wont be dissapointed.

    Price: £3 each or 5 for £10 - plus postage, I have 10 available, you are welcome to collect in person (DE56 area)



  3. I need the folowing kit, must be in good cosmetic condition, and sensibly priced, cash waiting


    1# A single Powerdrive wind up stand in good working order


    2# Remote control for Jem Technohaze (it doesn't even need to work as long as the case is complete with all the screws) a complete screw set would do, if you have one


    3# Martin Atomic Colours in good working order


    4# Numark HDMix case


    5# 2 Flightcases (2 lamps each) for 4 Martin MX4 scanners


    6# Flightcase to fit Martin Atomic strobe

  4. For Sale, Road Ready RRM4UMKII 4U x 10U Slant Top Rack Case. The case has spent its life in a store cupboard, it is being sold as 'used' but it's genuinely in fantastic, as new condition. I loaded it and realised it was going to be too heavy for me to manage on my own, due to poor health, so it's now for sale. The case originally cost around £175, but it's yours for the bargain price of just £85 (offers considered if unsold), and it really is 'as new'. I can courier deliver this to you for £12, personal collection is welcomed, Derby area.







  5. Jon I'm really astounded at the setup there for an IPod wedding, normally you would expect it to be a few speaakers thrown on top of chairs and a really messy setup, surely a DJ woudln't have cost that much more? Each to their own I guess.



    If you hired a car, you would expect a 1 - 2 year old car in good condition, wouldn't you? Not some rusty wreck that's past its best and ready for the scrap yard. So why would the dry hire of disco equipment be any different? My basic PA hire kit starts with Mackie 450 V2s and stands, playout systems start with iCD Mix2s, up to Pioneer CDJ Mk3s. The hire charges for quality kit can easily be more than a DJ could be found for, it's not always about saving money, it's usually about retaining control, and not being at the mercy of an unknown DJ, who may, or may not be OK, or even turn up.

  6. My next choice was going to be the new Behringer Neo's, however resident techie bloke Superstar DJ put me off those, as he stated that Behringer were the worst active speakers for build quality and reliability etc and he should know, as repairing sound and lighting equipment is his bread and butter.


    Here was my 'active' thread, if its of any interest http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=26767


    I couldn't disagree more concerning build quality and reliability, especially when taking price into the equation. Around 18 months ago I purchased a couple of pairs of Behringer EP215As for my 'budget' hires, my intention was to dispose of them just before the warranty period expired. However, after 11 months of dry hire, to all and sundry, the Behringer speakers had performed faultlessly, not even one incident between them, so much so, I kept them on for another 7 months of flawless service. The only issue with them was they sounded a little 'bright'n for my taste, but it made upselling a sub to customers very easy, especially when I EQ'd them a bit 'thin' for the demo. :Thumbup: I recently disposed of them for £250 a pair, the purchase price was £350, making the cost of ownership around £1.50 a week, per pair!! The only reason I sold them, was the price of Mackie 450 V2s, in excellent condition, had reached the point where a similar cost of ownership was attainable, and I could upgrade my budget systems to a market beating standard

  7. Hi guys,


    Ive left it a bit late but I need to buy a new CD Mixer ready for Saturday. Im thinking of a Numark CDMix1, CDMix2 or CDMix 3. Rough prices Ive seen are £200 for the Mix1, £250 for the Mix2 and £300 for the Mix3. In the past I have had a CDMix 2 as I like the anti shock, but I mostly use a laptop now so anti shock is not so important.


    Given the choice, which would you buy and why? Or would you buy something else (non Numark?) I need to order something tomorrow so all advice appreciated!


    Ive also noticed the Gemini combined CD Mixers - has anyone got any experience with them? Better that the Numark CD Mixers?


    Thanks in advance,




    Avoid the Gemini players, the build quality and sound is poor, also avoid the CDmix1 because they don't have anti shock protection. The CDMix2 and CDMix3 are both OK. I would buy (and have) the iCDMix2 since it has a better build quality than the earlier models, and you have the benefit of being able to play MP3 files from iPods. These can be found for £250 new, I think Phase One have them in stock. Don't be tempted to save £50 by buying a B stock unit. I've had the iCDMix players out on hire now for quite some time, and have had no problems at all with them. (B stock unit excepted, and has now been disposed of)

  8. I have cash waiting for a pair of Mackie 450 V2s, (black or midnight blue), they must be in excellent original condition, and sensibily priced. I'm also wanting to purchase a couple of Sennheiser Freeport mic's for a sensible price, if you can help, get in touch


    Thanks to the person who passed my details on to Tony, Deal done tonight, very pleased.


    Also Wanted Numark HDMix flightcase, if you have one I have the cash waiting

  9. Went into Guildford Sound & Light on Thursday and came out with a QTX LS01.


    On Friday i had 18th birthday party at a local rugby club and was blown away by the difference this little laser made to my setup. Had it pointed to the ceiling, which it filled. It made my acme impossibled look like a toy in comparison. Like i said best £200 i've ever spent on kit. Has anyone else got one of these or similar ?




    Yes, I've already got one available for hire, the first hire was booked before I even got my hands on the light. It will be a winner LINK


    The simple fact of the matter is any one can DJ. Not any one can Do electrics or Plumbing or gas fitting.


    Any one can get a bunch of tunes some form of PA and maybe a light or two and bang they are a DJ.


    As we all know DJs come in various skill sets from the total beginner to the guy who has done it all and got the Tee shirt. Some guys take it very seriously, but sadly most DJs don't. Its some easy money. That is the sad fact of the matter guys and it will never change as you do not need skill or qualifications to be a DJ, and very little money either


    As for the Election who ever got in they are in for a rough ride and so are we I fear. Indeed we are


    Just my two penny worth





    These are my thoughts exactly, the only thing I think would help the professional, dedicated DJ, is for the advertising standards agency to start enforcing advertising standards legislation, and prosecute the DJs making outrageous, unjustifiable claims of their experience and abilities on their websites


    Back to the original post, I turned 60 last year and I have run businesses under Conservative, Labour and a coallition, I can honestly say I've been MUCH better off under Labour governments (excepting the last couple of years of this one) which, IMO wae mostly the result of world events rather than local policy.



    Alternatively is there a program out there that is free or very cheap that will do the job until i've sorted my problems?



    You can download Virtual DJ for free, it's fully functional but only has a 19 day trial lifespan, but since you only need it for 3 days that isn't a problem.

  12. The other night I was reminiscing about my childhood.

    One of the adverts I remember from the 60s was for Double Diamond, with it's little ditty "A Double Diamond works wonders, works wonders, works wonders. A Double Diamond works wonders, so drink some today!".

    This was also in the days of black and white television, I remember knowing that the television was due for packing in when it started getting a black hole/shadow in the centre of the screen, which would get larger and larger until it was so big it consumed most of the screen LOL




    I remember as a really young child, before we had a TV of our own, I used to go round to my rich aunties to watch Noddy on her set. To my delight we soon got a new TV of our own, but, probably due to scheduling changes, Noddy was not on our TV when I sat down to watch it, I was reduced to tears.

  13. What sort of work are 60 Quid Sids likely to be doing and causing a problem for professional DJ's?



    None. I've been getting more and more quotes recently for the upper end of the market in venues like Abbeys and Lodges. DJ Sid McMaplins is never going to get in with these people.


    It depends how you define £60 Sid, if he's a spotty kid with cheap nasty kit and little idea of what most people want to hear, you are probably right.


    If you define £60 Sid as a DJ who supplies his services for significantly less than the market rate, you are very wrong. There are many of these £60 Sids out there with better kit than you, playing in better venues than you, and with no disrespect to yourselves, doing just as good a job, or better. Some are hobbyists, some are friends of the venue owners or the organisers, some do it and only charge sufficient to cover their expenses. there's a thousand and one reasons why. I don't always understand their motives, personally I want to be paid well for my efforts, but these people are very real, and out there working every week at gigs you would like. They are content with their lot, their clients are very happy with the bill, and the situation is not going to change for the better anytime soon, however much we may want it to. There's also nothing we can do about it. other than to up our own game and give the clients a reason to hire us, over the competition.


    You have to look at peoples motivation for doing Disco's, for many, its not about Money!


    Very true and therein lies a significant percentage of the problem, playing music to your friends, or an appreciative crowd who enjoy the same stuff as yourself, is fun, and doesn't resemble 'real' work. I dare say they're a few young DJs on this forum, who, if offered an appearance in a top city centre nightclub would do it for a pittance, or even for free. the glory being the reward.


    Another significant factor, and probably the most controversal, is it doesn't require much in the terms of cash investment or technical ability to become a party DJ, a decent set up can cost less than £1K off eBay. Even more controversal, if you have a interest in, and a good knowledge of popular music (many have), and you are a 'people person' with the confidence to speak in public (many are), you're well down the road to being a credible DJ. If you have the basic qualities, it's not difficult to be a mobile DJ, the hardest bit's probably passing the driving test.


    Before I upset too many people, I'm referring to 'entry level' party DJ'ing, I do think there are loads of additional skills to master before anyone can justifiably claim to be a professional DJ, i.e. etiquette at a set piece wedding, developing the gravitas to be taken seriously at a formal occasion, the ability to deal with difficult guests without drama, getting a difficult crowd into party mood, etc etc.


    I think 'us DJs' judge the performance of a fellow DJ by significantly harsher standards than most client do, I've been a guest at functions, where I thought the DJs performance was pants, but other guests including the client appreciated the guys performance, and ultimately they are the paymasters.

  15. :D

    Carry on DJing but probably own the clubs and bars I worked in :D


    If I won that sort of money, working would be the last thing on my mind, I'd concentrate totally on spending it before I croaked. Getting rid of that much money would take total dedication and expensive tastes, it would be fun though. I mean you can't pass that sort of burden to your relatives can you, it could ruin their lives. :D

  16. So i did not have to hide or explain my self to anyone.

    dj shyboy


    I don't feel the need to explain myself to anyone regarding pricing, every gig is individual and priced accordingly. When I go shopping I don't expect the supermarket manager to explain to me why he's now charging £1.50 for a bottle of Coke, yet last week I could have had two bottles for the price of one.

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