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  1. The current drop in price of fuel at the pumps has nothing to do with any action of the government, it's the result of a commercial decision by a major fuel retailer to reduce the pump price to attract more customers to their supermarkets, and others following their lead. The UK government doesn't have control of the crude oil price or the pump price, only the level of duty, and that hasn't changed recently.
  2. If you read the listing carefully you will see all that will land on your doormat is one DVD with the MP3 and image files copied on to it and not a collection of real CDs or even a set of CDR's with printed inserts. :sad: for sale i have all the jock in boxes 1-3 with front back cd covers, also along with this is the wedding in a box, the rock box, pop box and dj utilities, for sale i have all the jock in boxes 1-3 with front back cd covers, also along with this is the wedding in a box, the rock box, pop box and dj utilities, Why pay £49.99 - £69.99 each when you can buy them a
  3. If you want to read the bad feedback comments, just click on the number it shows they've got and ebay will list them for you, no need to trawle through dozens of pages or use seperate web sites.
  4. I've never used it for UK calls to/from clients, but I do use it regulary to stay in touch with friends on the other side of the globe, it saves serious money there. I find I get a few 'spam' calls from oriental women looking for a meal ticket/passport, this is almost certainly down to the name I chose when I joined skype whilst living out in Asia, :aa but sometimes it's fun. :ads:
  5. What are you supposed to do, if like me you get a case of CDs nicked at a gig, do you have to delete any you may have made a copy of? I think every DJ out there must have had CDs stolen at some time. :damn:
  6. I've seen some LED par 64's with the 1w leds on sale for just over £100 each from Thomann, I think they were Stairville brand, has anyone had any experience of these, are they any good? Any recomendations, I need something better than the 10mm superbright leds that I am using at the moment. LINK HERE
  7. You take a returnable cash deposit on top of the hire payment, paid up front, and when he kit is returned in good order, they get the deposit back. If it doesn't, you deduct the cost to repair the damage from the deposit. It's worth pointing out to anyone contemplating hireing their kit out, you need to have qualty gear before anyone will hire it, no one wants to hire cheap chinese rubbish or old scruffy kit that's past its best. I can speak from personal experience, it's quite a wrench to see (your pride and joy) new Mackies dissapearing up the road on the back seat of a strangers car for the
  8. It's the first time I ever heard of venues insisting on S&H booths, who are these venues? how often as if affected you? I've performed in some very upmarket venues myself and a lack of a S&H booth has never been an issue, although I do have a similar looking RGB starcloth booth which I made myself (it doesn't look home made) I will watch this thread with interest.
  9. The 1521's are far superior to the 450's in every aspect apart from size / weight, if you don't mind bigger heavier cabs the 1521 is the one to go for, I personally would go for the SA1521 over the SR 1521 and try to get a pair of well looked after Italian made cabs over the Chinese 'z' version. THe last pair of SA1521's I bought cost me aprox £700 (S/H) and were in excellent condition.
  10. November is still quiet, but December is buzzing with high ticket corporate partys, NYE's still free which is probably due to me still asking a silly price, if I don't get sorted by December I'll reconsider my expectations.
  11. There's a pair of Mackie Actives SR1521z's on e-bay at the moment, If you got them for your budget (and you might) you would have a serious system for not much money, I run the SA version myself and they're awesome beasts. LINK HERE
  12. If you are only doing small house parties for 30 - 40 people, why buy 15'' speakers? 12'' would be perfectly adequate and easier to carry about. Class D speakers are suprisingly good for the price and the ones I've heard, sounded OK. Considering your budget, I would look out for a S/H Europower 2500 to power the system, I've had a dimension 3 amp and was pleased to see the back of it, btw FORGET the XTR400, that's even worse.
  13. Yes I've had loads of them over the years, it's usually for non existant entries in 'trade directories' and they normally send you an invoice in the hope your accounts office is not doing their job properly and pay them!! I used to tell them to go away and copulate, if you have their details pass it on to the trading standards people in the area they operate from, if they get enough reports they 'may' act on it, but don't hold your breath. From personal experience reporting them to the Police is a total waste of time, they really aren't interested.
  14. You're not alone, I still don't have a booking for NYE, although I've turned one down, I'm hopeing for a better fee the nearer the date.
  15. Firstly congratulations on the fee, it's nice to know some people are asking and getting professional rates. Regarding keeping an eye on the lighting, if the guy was a decent sort I would probably help out if it didn't involve much effort/responsibility on my part, goodwill with fellow professionals can often pay big dividends. I helped a show band out on one wedding we were both booked to play, after they had a failure on part of their PA. I got booked to play on several more of their weddings because of their recommendation to the B&Gs.
  16. I would imagine you are taking a similar value of equipment to this event plus putting in an extra 6 hours of your time and professional expertise, I would like to think you could command a similar fee of £600+ for your services, but I doubt you could. (no personal criticism intended) Last week we had a dozen self proclaimed professionals quoting £150 to do a similar event including the lighting, and there in lies the problem.
  17. I would use LED bars DMX controlled through my pulsar desk to 'mood' light the rooms, there wasn't enough info given for an accurate quote, room size would influence the price as would the existing decorations. I would think an event company would be pricing higher than I would, I've priced to 'get' the job since I like this sort of work.
  18. £150 a room, ie £450 should cover it, you would need more than 4 lights a room to do it right. Fortunately there's less amateurs in the lighting business than the music business so rates are more realistic
  19. No you're not on your own, I don't have a comfort zone and I wouldn't know what to do with one if I developed one. I quite like the buzz you get from pulling off a job thats more demanding than you've done before, and the big bucks are a bonus.
  20. Fiber glass resin does not form a molecular bond with the flexible injection moulded plastics that cabs are usually made of, and eventually the bond will probably fail, the same can be said for most two pack epoxies. Gluing flexible plastics was usually all but impossible until the new range of adhesives were introduced a few years back, but since they are so specialised you don't see them for sale at most DIY stores. I have seen them for sale at 'car spares' type stores. The one I used was obtained from an eBay supplier it was Loctite 'all plastics' 2 pack superglue, the first tube was like a
  21. All lasers of class 3b and above are potentially hazardous, and most DJ lasers fall into this category, but the lasers at the lower end of the power output range shouldn't cause injury if basic safety guidelines are followed. Once you move to power outputs above 500mW then you need to take safety very seriously indeed. Having said that, there have been very, very few reported injuries caused by lasers used in the entertainments industry, but as powerful lasers are becoming more and more affordable, I wonder how long this situation will last.
  22. Absolutely, anything else is Luddite, times are a changin' and if you don't change with them, you will be overrun by them. It's not just the entertainment industry, it's all industries that have had to adapt to changing situations, I can still remember the days when filling stations only sold petrol, imagine that!!
  23. Yes I do it regularly, it's called self drive hire, and it's very popular with people moving furniture or those who's car is at the repairers being fixed.
  24. Don't fiberglass it!!!! If you do a search on eBay in the car section (it's used to repair plastic bumpers) you will find specialist suppliers of glue suitable for modern plastics, and they work. The trick is identifying the type of plastic your cabs are made of, it's usually polypropylene or polyethylene, I think the same glue does both. The one I used was a 2 pack Loctite superglue, you don't mix it, you paint the activator on, then the glue and bring the surfaces together, the bond is instant, permanent and very strong, make sure the pieces will fit together properly before you use it, you
  25. IMO it depends on to what degree you have upgraded and why, if you have just replaced a couple of worn out lights with similar new ones, then there is little reason to increase your rates. If you have replaced a 600w skytech PA with a 3K Mackie rig, then there's every justification to value your services higher. I don't understand where the idea of 'fixed' prices comes from, no two gigs are the same so why price them the same, find out what your customer wants, supply it and charge accordingly. The market will tell you if you've got the level right, if you are turning gigs away increase you
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