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  1. There's a bit more to it than that if you are using powerful lasers, the 'star clusters' and similar are point and shoot, but if you venture into grown up lasers there are a whole host of factors to consider especially if you wish to scan the audience. The high powered lasers can not only blind people, they can set fire to the venue if used incorrectly.
  2. I'd ask them what their plans were when their clients complained about the lack of 'party spirit' and remind them the chance of finding a good DJ at short notice that time of year would not be good. I would however, be happy to hire them the equipment and help out with a playlist ect, if I didn't, someone else would, and I would have lost goodwill for the future.
  3. Believe me you're not alone, it's usually down to a lack of confidence or acute shyness, fortunatly there's a simple solution. Write yourself some 'scripts' to cover the situations where you 'must' use the mike, i.e. the welcome, the first dance, the buffet break, the bar's closing in 10 mins and the thank you and goodnight ect. Learn these scripts off by heart and practise saying them out loud to get the timings right, your problem will disappear as if by magic! Another couple of priceless tips when using the mike, is to be sure your brain's in gear before turning it on and engaging your
  4. I know it's a sweeping generalisation, but I need to use the mike less at the better paying gigs, the more I need to talk , the less I seem to earn. I have not been gifted with the ability to talk crap all night and sound interesting, but I still make a better living than most of those who have.
  5. I've got a large full colour laser and a smaller green laser available for events so no problem there, I'd point out the situation regarding the use smoke/haze, and if the client was happy to go ahead, I'd add it to the show (and the quote). Just of interest, the big RGB laser hasn't been as much in demand as I thought it would be before I bought it, there're better things to invest your profits in.
  6. Funny you should post that, I actually hire equipment out and secured a job this afternoon, the guy hired a 400w a side PA (he had his own player and mixer) 4 Martin Lights & controller, Tripod stands, a mike and cables. The total time it will take me to fulfill this order is just 1 hour to demonstrate it and check it over on return. The fee for this is £150 which is a viable business proposition, unlike the stupid £150 quotes for actually doing the gig with the room colour washed. Personally I doubt the people quoting this figure would actually have the lights to do the job professionally
  7. The first track's 'yeah yeah' by Sabrina, all you need do is view it at full screen, and you can read all the tracks used on the video screenshot
  8. Personally I favour a starcloth over light boxes, I think the boxes are so dated now, plus the starcloths look better in the upmarket venues and the function managers seem to like them. My current project is building a folding (car transportable) booth with a RGB starcloth, I'll post pics when finished. I still have a retro 'time tunnel' box which I sometimes use at 70's events, when the booth's finished, I'll probably sell it though.
  9. I can't stand Jive Bunny, Stars on 45 or the Tight Fit mixes, so I don't play them unless they're asked for. I do use the Grandmaster series to provide background music while I set up. If I'm doing a 80's night I would usually get the sound system pluged in and stick the masternix grandmaster 70's compilation on at half volume while I got the rest of the kit set up, tidied up and ready for the start. I doubt the older audiences even know when you are using pre mixed mix's, especially if you use them intellegently, and not try to put a set together, using nothing but these mixes (I have seen t
  10. Neither do I, and it's much worse than that, by accepting payment he's also incuring a tax liability on his non existant 'earnings,' and then he's donating these earnings to the good cause. So not only is he losing a prime nights earnings (all charity do's are held at the weekend aren't they?) but he's also aquired a tax liability on his non existant earnings plus he still has his fixed overheads to pay out of his own pocket!! That's a triple whammy in my book. I'm not anti charity, and I will work for reduced fees, but the bar staff gets paid, the venue gets paid, the venue manager gets paid,
  11. You can find Pt 1 & Pt 2 of the 'Take That' Megamix on DMC Comercial Collection 289
  12. With several changes of search terms, I found them myself eventually, Thanks Google. If anyone else is interested in getting their hands on some of these bullet proof cables, they can be found HERE
  13. Welcome to the forum, we seem to have much in common. :djuhi:
  14. Hi all, I've just got myself a new Denon HD2500 and need to get it loaded and working, I've downloaded the latest DMM software (version 123) onto my old Dell laptop which is running XP. My mp3 music files are stored on a external HDD (250 GB) which is half full, my Dell does not have much free space available, maybe about 15 GB or so, I do have a second laptop running Vista which has around 50 GB space free, this could be used if needed. My first question is, #1- Since the HD player will not have the latest firmware installed on it, should I update this first, before transferring any mp3
  15. Of course there were other genres, personally I include the 'Glam Rock' in with the Chart/Pop, and I'd definatly play it at a 70's night. Hard rock's a different matter, it has its own following, (i love it myself), but IMO it's a genre best played to a more specialist crowd, and not at a 'Golf Club do,' unless you want to clear the floor. I don't include much of it in the average 70's party gig, unless it's been requested.
  16. There were 3 main styles of music that were popular in the 70's, Motown/Soul, Disco and 70's Pop (chart) On this type of gig I take a good collection of all 3, you never know till you start playing what will be the most popular, and get them on the floor. In my experience you will end up playing all 3, I do a lot of this type of booking, IMO if the age group is predominatly 45 - 60 y.o. Motown/disco will go down well, if its 30 - 45 y.o. Disco/Chart will get a better reception. But as I said before, your crowd may differ
  17. Does anyone know where I can buy some 'Steel Braided XLR cables' from? :thanks:
  18. Due to a change of plan I have 4 brand new, Martin MX4's in sealed manufacturers box's for sale @ £250 each (no offers please) I will split and sell single lamps. I can courier them to you for £12 a parcel or you can collect personally (10 miles North of Derby) you are welcome to call me on 07745 778019
  19. Hi, If anyone out of my area (Derby) wants to trade links, please PM me your details and I will add your link to my site and supply you html code to add mine to your site. http://www.disco4hire.com
  20. I totally agree with that, but just out of interest, what gear did you use for 650 folks in a marquee ? And are you getting good fees for your efforts ? Personally speaking, I've invested many thousands of pounds in high quality kit, much of which I obtained second hand (I also like to keep my money in my pocket LOL) it looks good, it sounds good, and I sincerely believe it helps me obtain higher gig prices. (I don't go out for less than £250 unless I 'want' the gig, and usually get £300 - 400 for my services, (big rig + lightshow) How does this compere to your business model ?
  21. I can't argue on your historical accuracy regarding the London scene, but here 'up north' where I lived, mods came into mainstream existence in the early 60's with the appearance of groups like The Who, Small Faces, Kinks and Yardbirds. We're probable a bit behind times up here, we still had the 'Teds' in these parts mid 60's !! I started out as a DJ in the mid 60's and at that time, my friends and myself were very much into the Mod/scooter scene, and the music we played was a mixture of Motown and what is now referred to as Northern Soul, we referred to it as Soul at the time. I think the
  22. IMO Northern soul was not so much a genre, but more of an underground movement, originally started by the early Mods and Scooter boys back in the mid 60's. It had become mainstream towards the end of the 70's when it started to decline. By the early 80's it was little more than a small hardcore base of fans who still actively meet and organise events all over the country. There's also been a revival of interest in NS by the people who danced the night away to it back then, but IMO this group is more about nostalgia for the era, than a love of the actual music. This group are easy to please, ju
  23. When I started back as a DJ after a huge gap, my biggest fear was not being in touch with current music trends, and because of this I avoided situations when I would have to face a young crowd. I've since found out I need not have worried, and I was truely stunned by just how much 'cheese' was requested by the younger crowd. When I first DJ'd back in the 60's, to my own age group, I activly sought out new music before it was generally known, and bought most of my stuff from specialist dealers who imported much of what they sold from America. Back then I would never have dreamed of playing 20's
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