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  1. If you get asked for Motown the first consideration should be their age, if they're late 40's to 65ish they usually want what would be best called 60's soul, a mixture of motown, soul, northern soul, philly and stax. If they're much younger you would be best sticking to the best known dozen tracks that have already been mentioned. There is an excellent double compilation CD, I think it's called 'Motown dance party' it should be in every DJ's case along with Mastermixes 4 CD 'Soul Box' The following always go down well with the 40+ crowd Breakin' Down The Walls Of Heartache - Johnny Jo
  2. Hi, I'm looking at buying another couple of wireless microphones, I already have an EW series Sennheiser which is excellent, but I need to find something to send out on the 'budget hires' of PA and disco kit. The requirements are: #1 Must be UHF #2 Must be able to withstand the odd knock #3 Must have a decent range #4 Must sound reasonably good #5 Not be a feedback magnet! #6 Must be around £120 or less. I was thinking of Sennheiser 'Freeports', does anyone have a better (cheaper) suggestion? What about Kam, JTS, Warrior, Audio Technica and similar?
  3. Thanks to all who have made me welcome, after reading through some of the back posts, I've already picked some useful tips up, I hope I can pass some of my own over to yourselves :thanks:
  4. Just a quick hello, and a few words about myself, the name's Pete, I did my first gig before most of you were born! I think it was 66, but may have been 67. Back then I was playing the likes of 'Chantilly Lace' - Shorty Long. 'Do Unto Me' - James and Bobby Purify. 'Soul Man' - Sam and Dave. 'Knock on Wood' - Eddie Floyd. and 40 years later I frequently play the same stuff, and it still goes down a bomb. I got back into the music industry pretty much by accident, about 3 years ago, , a landlord friend of mine, asked my opinion of a 'soul night' he'd just put on, and I told him if I couldn't do
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