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  1. That pretty much sums up my own experience, council owned venues occasionally ask about PAT, but to date none have asked for actual proof, other than a cursory glance at the attached labels Again, when I actually do the gigs myself (as opposed to dry hire) I virtually never get asked for proof of either PAT or PLI, but since neither is a legal requirement, it doesn't suprise me.
  2. Just as the title says, I need a Martin EGO hanging bracket, as far as I know, they're all the same, also I'm still looking for a 'Detonator' for the Martin Atomic strobe. Still looking - anyone?
  3. It could be something as simple as the connections in the socket have corroded due to a long period of not being used, the earth alone will cause all the lights to malfunction. When you get it sorted, you can grease the socket to eliminate oxydisation (don't use copper or graphite grease though)
  4. I beg to differ, all companies (both Ltd and PLC) are registered with companies house, businesses that trade as sole traders or partnerships aren't registered as such, but these entities are not companies, they're businesses. A published telephone is not a legal requirement for either a business or a registered company
  5. Your website as a minimum must have the following information as a legal requirement. If you are a company you must show the registered office. You must show the companies registration number and the place of registration. If you are a member of a professional body or trade organization you must provide details. Any prices on your website must state clearly if the are inclusive of VAT and delivery costs. Your business name, geographic address (PO Box is not sufficient) and email address. Your name must be the name of the business that your potential
  6. I'm stood behind the decks, 300w of dance music blaring out, the lights are doing an impression of Blackpool illuminations and a dumb punter asks me if I'm the DJ :pro: priceless
  7. I get the full monty, ED drugs, hair loss, anti fat pills etc etc, if you let me have your email and I'll pass it on to them for you, I don't want you to feel neglected
  8. Assuming the 200FX mixer has the same outputs as the CM200, you will find the first set of RCA connectors to the right of the XLRs you are using to connect to your crossover, are master outputs, and these can be used to feed your powered speakers with a full range signal. You may need to buy a suitable lead depending on what the input format is on your LD actives are.
  9. Same with my local, the landlord told sky to shove it, and had it took out. It cost him a bit of mid week trade, but not a £1000s worth.
  10. I've had exactly the same problem myself with a maxtor (or should that be crapstor) drive. I was using it on a computer with a vista OS when it ceased working. I found my old laptop with XP did 'see' it after 2 attempts, so I immediately copied the contents to a WD hard drive and binned the maxtor
  11. The going rate seems to be around £250 at the moment, the more that are found the lower the price will drop, it looks like there are a lot more in circulation than originally thought. For the coin to be worth anything over the face value, they need to be the new design and the date to be missing from BOTH sides.
  12. Pretty much agree also, I didn't post a reply since there was little of any consequence to add, I don't mind the long posts, they are usually well constructed and interesting.
  13. The best advise I can give, is impress the guests at the gigs you do get, and hand out your business cards to all who express an interest. Most of the DJ's I know get the majority of their bookings through recommendations.
  14. I've never attended any courses other than at the university of hard knocks, but I like the idea. Personally I would like to increase my knowledge and ability with DMX regarding lightshow programing, if anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be gratefull
  15. I've got a few good hires going out, including a marquee wedding in Brum tonight, a big 18th party tomorrow (dry hire to regular customer), no gigs of my own though. I might go along to the 18th and give him a hand out, it would give me the chance to test out my latest project, colour changing, strobing speaker stands for the big Mackies :shocking:
  16. Yes, eBay is a strange place, people occasionally pay more for S/H goods than they could have got them for new. At the same time, incredible bargains don't attract a bid, or they sell for silly low money. A couple of weeks ago I got a Martin synchrozap in excellent condition for just £62. If you have the time to search it several times daily, it's not too difficult to make a living from it.
  17. That pretty much mirrors my experience when I returned to the industry, not a single complaint, and then I went and bought some professional standard kit, and the situation changed, people actually started making comments to my face. Thankfully they are all favourable, the 18 - 21 year olds are the most vociferous, and the general theme of their comments is how close to a nightclubby type sound we bring to their parties. It's very common for our clients to make comment at our events, in my experience they do notice the difference, and they are prepared to pay for it. IMO it's a mistake to rea
  18. What sort of price am I looking at renting for some decent sound, nothing too OTT. It all depends on what you need, and what you consider decent, ie do you need just the amp/speakers, or CD/MP3 players, mixer, radio mics, lights, and stands etc, etc. Taking a guess at what you need, £150 - £200 will probably sort you out with decent kit. What sort of wattage for say 200 people? Again as someone will probably point out, it's not the watts that matter, it's the spl achieved, however I'll answer your question in watts. As a quick rule of thumb allow 4 - 5 watt a person, so you're l
  19. Before any real advice can be given, we would need to know your budget for the PA upgrade, and if you want new kit or are happy with S/H kit ? You can get a much better quality kit for your cash if you go down the s/h route.
  20. My Mackies are fine - all 8 of them, and have been since the day I bought them
  21. I've just got back from collecting my latest 'buy of the week', a very nice Martin SynchroZap, just serviced, fully working and PAT tested. It cost me a mere £62, I didn't buy it, I stole it!
  22. If I was you I would try a bit of WD40 (penetrating oil) on the motor spindle before doing anything else, it could well fix your light. Regarding your question on wiring, there will almost certainly be a plug either at the motor end or on the board end, where the motor can be disconnected.
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