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  1. I like 'Web Eden' myself, very comprehensive features, and it's easy to use after a bit of a practise. You can have a 15 page site for free (with google ads) or there's a couple of paid for options available. The package I use cost me £50 and included a £30 google ad words voucher, ie it cost just £20. I think there's a couple of weeks free trial on offer as well, so it costs nothing to try it. I built my Clouds Disco site using it if you care to look, I'm no web designer and I don't have any technical knowledge of the internet.
  2. I had that happen a couple of weeks ago, some cretin put his pint on one of my 1501's which subsequently fell off of course, and then had the nerve to complain at the loss of his drink!! :cense: idiots
  3. Make of this what you will, my most popular hired items from the general public are pro disco lights and rigs, the most popular items hired by fellow DJs are the larger PA systems and winch stands/trussing, least popular items. lasers. Oddest hires, a smoke M/C to a TV film crew (you would think they would bring their own) and a strobe to an old folks home to simulate an air-raid at a VE party.
  4. I'd not thought of that but unfortunatly it didn't sort it, thanks anyway
  5. Hi, I've got an EGO X5 that's just stopped working, when pluged in the fan runs, but nothing else happens, the bulb is OK, so, does anyone know of a common fault with these lights that may cause this to happen?
  6. It sounds like a con to me, nobody except google, can guarantee a top listing, some do it with obscure or crafty keywords, i.e mobile-disco instead of mobile disco, nobody types in a dash between the words. Be careful, there's more sharks in the SEO business than the Pacific ocean.
  7. I try to work within a 20 mile radius of home, that gives me 1200 square miles and a million plus people, if I can't make a livung from that, it's time to pack up. If I was offered a good paying gig outside this area I would probably be willing to travel. An advantage of playing local, is you know the venues and areas to be 'fully booked' when the enquiry comes in.
  8. In my opinion NO, but it depends on the size of room you are going to be using it in rather than the number of people. You might get away with it if the room's not ventilated and you don't mind waiting for the fog to build up.
  9. My experience is the exact opposite, I use the behringer B215A speakers for my budget hires where all & sundry use and abuse them, to date I've had no problems whatsoever. Many hirer's (joe public) have expressed how pleased they were with them, but having said that, I wouldn't consider using them for a 250 person event, that's too big an ask for a pair of £350 budget speakers, if you push them hard, they get a bit 'thin'. but if you use them with a decent sub or subs, (I use SWA1501s) the resulting sound is vastly improved. In my own rig I use Mackie SA1521's and would personally recomm
  10. There's a single 450 on eBay at the moment, usually singles go cheap it may be a steal HERE
  11. Same here, I use the Behringer Eurolive B215A for my budget hire stock, and have been delighted with them, taking the price into account, (£350 new, guaranteed a year and delivered) IMO they can't be beat. Performance wise they sound OK on their own but when I run them with a mackie 1501 sub they sound great.
  12. For just £99 this new DENON can't be beat LINK
  13. Yes it's the Photonlexicon forum I've joined, and I've read the reviews (and seen the videos) , I wish I had had the info before I bought the laserworld laser. I suspected from the day I got it that the output was not the full 500mW that I expected, the blue is lacking power IMO. I contacted laserworld and was fobbed off, since I could not prove it (and still can't) and don't have the knowledge to contradict what they were saying. I also suspect the diodes aren't correctly aligned, so that needs checking as well. The laser in question is the Proline RGB500 - A the software is the Show Edit
  14. Thanks for the reply, I've spoken with the laserworld UK distributors today and they tell me the keyboard plugs straight into the back of the laser. Apart from that, the info they had on the keyboard was limited in the extreme, but the salesman was pleasant though. When I asked if they had demo facilities, it turns out they don't even have most of their products in stock, you are expected to buy their stuff unseen. I've just joined a specialist laser forum, and will see if I can glean any further info there, but I won't hold my breath, most seem to regard laserworld as the DJ community regards
  15. I can understand people wanting one, but personally I wouldn't be seen dead in one, get the Lotus
  16. Any midi experts out there? Laserworld sell (at an inflated price) the M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2 25-Key USB MIDI Controller as a simple, easy to use controller for their higher end lasers. To my mind, they have obviously mapped the keyboard out to use it this way. Does anyone know how to do this, or uses one themselves? I want to use one of these keyboards with a proline 500mW RGB laser. I would be happy to recompense anyone who can sort it out for me for their time and effort.
  17. I've owned both models, and still use the Twister 4hps, IMO the difference isn't huge, but it is noticable. The Twister 4hp is brighter, sharper and it reacts to the music faster than the earlier Twister 4s. plus the narrower shape helps with fitting 4 lamps on a standard Tbar.
  18. Yes you will need to put a name in otherwise how will google know what you are searching for, if you only want 5 a week it's not much of a chore is it. You are using 'image' search (second tab along on google search page) as opposed to a general web search aren't you?
  19. Has anyone used THIS SITE to advertise on? if so is it worth the fee?
  20. For the pictures do a google 'image search', it works for me every time
  21. Not all discharge lamps last 6000 hrs, I've had to replace quite a few HTI150's over the years, and they cost a small fortune, but the new generation lamps that are fitted to my Martin MX4's have stood the test of time.
  22. I'm a big fan of Martin lights too, they're well built, able to withstand the odd knock, and most important for me, they're easily repairable due to the ready availability of spares. You can still find bits for the early fittings, and Martin, unlike many other suppliers, maintain a web library of manuals and associated technical info for all their current, and most of their long discontinued models. Acme, Abstract, EVL etc don't even bother to do this even for their current models.
  23. It's not particulary cheap, but in the condition it/they were in, it wasn't expensive either, I missed it by a tenner, but there will always be another one.
  24. Are you suggesting you can replace the MSD250 lamp with a CDM150 lamp in a SynchroZap and it will work, be brighter and last longer?
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