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  1. Yes, I hadn't noticed that, it is a bit odd, but it would be the fact the buyer had no 'history' that would bother me the most, not the fact they were registered in France, some areas of France are nearer to London than most areas of Scotland are, and this item would need to be collected, delivery would usually not be an option. I use eBay quite a bit and have sold items as far away as Thailand and Australia without problems. I think I'll keep my eyes on this seller in case it gets relisted, I could always have a stock clearance and make the room.
  2. I've just seen a 16K, EAW 8 box stack sold on eBay for a paltry £4,100 LINK, which to me seems the bargain of the year, I would have loved to have bought it, but I don't have the room to store it. For those of you whos knowledge of large PA kit is greater than mine, was this a bargain or what?
  3. At 15 I suppose we've all done it though :booze:
  4. Personally, I like them, they are bright, room filling lights that can produce a variety of effects under dmx control, set on automatic, they can get a bit boring, especially if you only have a few lights. On the downside they are a bit on the 'big and heavy' side, and the bracket could have been designed better, but the build quality IS up to Martin standards IMO. So in my opinion it's all down to price, at £900+ new I think your money could be better spent. BUT, these lamps can now be picked up on eBay at sensible prices, you can find nice examples of Wizards for around £250 and Wizard Extre
  5. OPEN TO OFFERS Twin CD player, Professional mixer and a fantastic flight case Twin CD players, Professional mixer in a fantastic flight case, This ready built unit is a breeze to operate, with its no-nonsense controls making it easy to professionally mix tracks, with additional features onboard for the more adventurous. The virtually new flight case houses twin LIMIT CD players, each offering the basic cue, track skip, play/pause controls, with advanced features letting wannabe Fatboy Slims fiddle about with the pitch, search backwards and forwards through songs at variable speeds and p
  6. Blond for me, it's the Lycra that does it, and who can forget Pans People from the same era, Dee Dee Wilde was my particular favourite
  7. Interesting read, and quite insightful from someone who has only been doing the business for 21 months. I thought you pretty much hit the nail on the head with Q18.
  8. I saw the question but choose not to post a reply because any reply would be a matter of opinion and not a matter of fact, and to post my opinion as a statement of law is not in anybody's interest. I doubt any member of this forum is in a position to make a definitive statement of fact, they're too many variables. Personally I'm reasonably sure I've covered myself with my hire contract which is signed by every hirer, but I may prove to be mistaken if it ever came to a high court case. As far as I'm concerned, it's a risk I'm prepared to take. If you are averse to all of life's risks, you will
  9. I think you should, not all discos are the same, some fit into a Fiesta and go out at £100 or so, others need a LWB panel van and a road crew to transport and go out for £1000. It all depends on the clients needs and budget.
  10. Not always true, you may have kitted yourself up for kids discos but now want to go for the 18th 21st party market, very different kit is required. Maybe you now feel experienced enough to pitch for the 5* wedding market and need to upgrade your presentation ie S&H booth. You could decide to introduce venue lighting to your repertoire, every man and his dog seem to be doing that at the moment, or perhaps a chocolate fountain, I've recently bought a small one of these to dry hire into the kids party market, one more hire and it will be paid for.
  11. I think you misunderstood me on this one, I started to dry hire into the cheap end of the market because I'm not prepared to work in competition to 'Sid' If I go out as a DJ these days, it's to a larger, better paying gig, usually requiring a greater level of kit than our friend 'Sid', possesses. Regarding dry hire to the larger events, I do involve myself with this sector, pics of which I've posted recently, the clients here are usually fellow DJs, who, for whatever reason don't have sufficient kit themselves. Joe public generally doesn't ask for the 5K kit, and I wouldn't be keen on letti
  12. Many claim to be Pros few pull it off, most fall flat on their butt and are laughed at, there's a classic example of a delusional kid with a maplins special rig on one of the other forums at the moment Spot on, I dry hire kit because I refuse to take it on the road and compete with the £60 Sids, instead I concentrate on finding the bigger gigs that are out of the reach (equipment wise) of the kids and wannabes Unfortunately, becoming a DJ is seen as a glamorous occupation by most of the spotty oiks
  13. Not in my experience, the few times I've needed their help sort a seller out they have provided it excepting one time when I kept listening to the sellers excuses and giving them the benefit of doubt, until it was too late, and I lost out.
  14. My thought exactly, and don't delay. I hope you paid by paypal, they will sort it if the seller won't, but it's time limited so don't hang about.
  15. That's a bit of a drastic solution, if you don't mind me saying!! I do know how you feel though, I saw this situation coming two years ago, and the same is starting to happen with the venue lighting market right now. :damn: To be realistic, there's no way of stopping it happening, and I predict it will get worse before it gets better, but there are ways forward if you want to stay in the industry. You need to turn your strengths against their weaknesses, it's all down to marketing yourself properly. Try to promote the image of a 'experienced safe pair of hands' old enough to have the ability
  16. I would beg to differ, the unit uses a 250w metal discharge lamp with a colour temperature of 6000 Kelvin, if yours is dim it probably has the wrong lamp or a chinese lamp fitted otherwise the lamp is on it's way out, or the colour wheel is dirty. I run a couple on the big rig and they're plenty bright enough
  17. The EP2500 gets my vote too for a great budget amp, plus Behringer has a good warranty, from what I've been told any amp returned faulty is swapped for a NEW one. but don't quote me on that
  18. You need to be careful with what you load into these units, 80gb of concentrated heavy metal, particular Iron Maiden and Lead Zeppelin can render them immovable
  19. Not at all, I'm a believer in a free market, if the dealer was making huge profits there would be an influx of competition and prices would fall until it was no longer profitable and dealers were forced from the market thus restoring equilibrium. Likewise the DJ market is currently in a position of oversupply and the prices are being driven down in the lower end of the market. There are still good gigs available to people who market themselves well and offer a quality product. IMO the prices aren't as susceptible at top end of the market but customers are becoming more selective has they ha
  20. A more realistic figure would be circa £15 an hour, many get paid MUCH less
  21. Better still buy a bottle of water to drink with it and add a '0 to the end of the 50%'
  22. There's nothing you can do about it without risking loosing the gig, so it's up to you, if the thought of someone making money easier than you, bothers you, turn it down and tell them the reason. You may find they up their offer, on the other hand they may find someone else to take it on, and there would be a lot of willing DJs available. It's a buyers market, and will remain so for the foseeable future. Would this still apply if the agents marketing skills enabled you to make more money than you could for yourself? ie your average fee = £150, agent pays you £200 a gig you're £50
  23. Thinking about it, you're probabley right, here's some more, and three are in the same title too smile icon Marvin Gaye - Abraham, Martin & John Mary Wells - My Guy Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode Bennie Hill - Ernie Crystals - Da Doo Ron Ron Weezer - Buddy Holly Bernard Cribbins - Right Said Fred Sister Sledge - Frankie Elvis Costello - Olivers Army Daniel O'Donnell - Danny Boy
  24. 1910 Fruitgum Company - Simon Says Jilted John - Gordon is a moron Sham 69 - Hurry Up Harry The Piranhas - Tom Hark The Piglets - Johnny Reggae Iggy Pop - Louie Louie Jim Croce - Bad bad Leroy Brown Bananarama - Robert DeNiro's Waiting The Jackson 5 - Rockin' Robin Dexys Midnight Runners - Geno Dexys Midnight Runners - Jackie Wilson said The Who - Happy Jack The Kinks - Do You Remember Walter Supremes - Nathan Jones T Rex - Telegram Sam The Reflections - Just Like Romeo & Juliet Georgie Fame - Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde
  25. It looks genuine to me, but I would question the logic in giving advertisers the opportunity of tempting your potential clients away from your site for a pittance.
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