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  1. Apart from the brand of laptop, that sounds like me.
  2. The odds are the happy couple are in their 60's so I'd play a selection 60's, a bit of motown, some 80's and invite requests
  3. I think people are doing their own thing more nowadays, I think there is less pressure to conform to what was previously seen as the 'norm' I concentrate more hire work now due to health problems, so I tend to see a different side of the market to what many of you will do. I supply both 'budget' systems, alongside more upmarket systems, which would blow the average mobile jock's out of the water. The surprising thing is these systems don't follow the money, the budget systems are going out to upmarket (apparently wealthy) people and the better set ups, are going to the youngsters parties. Last
  4. Just recently I seem to be turning down quite a few decent earning jobs (equipment hire) because they are outside the Derbyshire area which I choose to operate in. Is there anyone out there say, Manchester and the north, Linconshire area and south of Birmingham who would like these enquiries passed on to them? I'm not seeking payment, but would favour someone who is willing to pass any similar enquiries in my area on to me. To start the ball rolling I have a current enquiry for the dry hire of a 1.5k PA, a pair of CDJ 1000 & mixer, monitors and in all likelyhood suitable lighting, the even
  5. I put it down to the exuberance of youth, I've seen equally silly claims like '10 years experience' from a 17yo DJ, it makes me cringe
  6. Yes I've thought about it a few times, and I will put something together when I have the time, in the meantime here's my tip of the day. Buying: Set up a 'favourite search' and be sure to keep an eye on the newly listed items, especially the 'buy it now' listings, check 10am 1pm 5pm and 8pm. Occasionally items are listed at silly prices, I bought 3 mini macs for £150 (£50 each) this way, after spending £50 sorting them out they fetched £750 on ebay, £600 in the skyrocket, nice little earner. Selling: Research your goods, see what the average price they are actually 'selling' for
  7. I think the DJVX1's are a bit too cheap, as is the DJM600, I'd expect an extra £100 on that, the QSC is about right, if you find someone who really wants one, otherwise it's a bit dear. If you do decide to buy or sell anything of any great value on ebay, PM me for some tips first.
  8. You're missing my point, I'm aware a working mens club are only going to pay half of that or less, even though it's NYE, so why commit yourself to such a gig, when there's 9 months to go? Something better will probably come along, but if they did accept it, it would be worth your while. Personally, I'd rather not do this type of gig at any price.
  9. A working mans club is never going to be a prime booking, and considering there's 9 m0nths to go, I would suggest you don't commit yourself at this stage. You could try asking £500, if they accept you are on a winner, but be sure to get a deposit!
  10. I can't believe you've never played this track, have you never done a biker gig?
  11. Does anyone know of a business that offers this service? I want two cut outs making in a 4u blanking panel, to fit a martin detonator and MC showtime controller into, a laser or plasma cut is preferred, any ideas?
  12. I think 17" is far too small to be effective, IMO they would look a bit 'lost'
  13. Off the shelf every time, I'm far too tight to have custom cases built, although if there was nothing ready made available I might be tempted to splash the cash.
  14. Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jnr
  15. Mine too, why do people insist on belittling a perfectly good product?
  16. Not in my experience, PayPal debit card charges a £4.95 set up fee, nothing to load the card via P/P otherwise £1, no fee to use the card to buy goods in the UK and £2 to withdraw cash from an ATM. I don't think this is expensive considering the convenience of instant access to my P/P funds. If I didn't use P/P I wouldn't bother with it, as I already have a couple of bank debit cards, but they do have their use to people who the banks won't issue a card to.
  17. I've got the PayPal one, I've found it quite handy to spend the contents of my PP account without waiting to transfere the funds into my bank. Since I only load it with specific sums of cash, it's almost impossible to be ripped off with it.
  18. America is trillions of dollars in debt, have you ever wondered what a trillion dollars look like? Take a look HERE
  19. disco4hire

    The Music Game

    Destiny's Child - Jumpin', Jumpin'
  20. Just checked my Euromillions ticket and it's a winner shame it's only £5.10
  21. Q1/ Less, but it's a different market all together, it's not infested with kids and wannabes, but it is more business like and you must be commercially competitive and aware, it's not a solution for a failing mobile jock to increase their earnings. There are risks involved that aren't present in a conventional mobile DJ situation. I personally know one semi local DJ who has lost most of his kit to a thief posing as a customer. Q2/ Yes, but, that is from the bottom end of the market, the people who are intent on spending the minimum possible. Personally I have no interest in involvement at
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