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    The Music Game

    Shake Your BODY Down (to the ground) - The Jacksons
  2. disco4hire

    The Music Game

    TIME Is Tight by Booker T. & the MG's
  3. If you choose to expand your business and take on employees you obviously have no choice other than to register, you turnover dictates that, but the original point was not about this scenario at all. The original point was concerning an average hard working DJ who had a turnover in the region of £67,000, not a multi employee entertainment company. My original point was for many DJs going over the threshold could well be a financially disastrous move. Assuming all else being equal, DJ A and DJ B are both working for a predominantly private client base. DJ A has a turnover of £66,999.99, DJ B ha
  4. The new hire kit is replaced at 11 months, my own giging rig is replaced when it starts to look second hand, or I see something else I 'must have'
  5. If we expand the scenario and assume you're already VAT registered, the £300 pound you receive is subject to VAT therefore £40 must be deducted to meet your VAT liabilities, out of the remaining £260 you hand over £250 to the sub contracted DJ leaving you with just £10 (unless the DJ's VAT registered and you can claim the £33 back) out of the remaining £10 income tax will be due, leaving you with just £6 and the liability for the event and possibly a responsibility for the DJs tax deduction, paye ect. :scared:
  6. Yes you are correct, I must have been having a blond moment, I was thinking of the total tax levied on fuel which is considerably more than 15%. What has your profit level got to do with VAT? VAT is levied on your total business turnover and VAT can be claimed back on any goods or services you have purchased for the use of the business. Are you really spending 60% of your total turnover on advertising, transport , stationary and consumables etc, on which VAT could be recovered? (that would be £42K of a business turning over £70K) :scared: I was a VAT registered person for over 20 years,
  7. Well you are obviously quite correct if you are invoicing agents and hotels or other VAT registered persons you can add on the VAT without customer resistance. In my case, and I strongly suspect the vast majority of self employed DJ's, this isn't the case. The vast majority of my clients are private individuals, I've never worked for an agent, I don't do pubs (unless it's a private party) and I don't work directly for hotels, so the only clients I have, were VAT could be added without a negative impact, are the corporates, which only account for 10% - 15% of my total turnover. Since the fees r
  8. I'd have issued a £250 refund, took a month off and gone to somewhere tropical A self employed DJ with a turnover of £67,100 pa, who follows the letter of the law and registers for VAT, will be around £10,000 a year worse off than a similar DJ who stops working when his turnover reaches £66,900. Personally I'd rather swim in a sewer than get myself in the grip of the VAT man again.
  9. Good advice! I speak from past experience, and assure you the VAT man has less compassion than Vlad the Impailler coupled with the tenacity of a rabid pit bull, they are NOT nice people to deal with. If they think you owe them money they have more power than the police to investigate you, should they consider it necessary.
  10. How on earth do you work that one out? if your 'taxable supplies' i.e. turnover, exceeds £67,000 (or is likely to) in the financial year you are obliged to register with the C&E, that's the law. Can you explain how you are exempt from this on a turnover of £100,000 plus, as you state you receive for your services. The £67,000 requirement is turnover, not profit, which can be adjusted with creative accountancy.
  11. disco4hire

    Resession Songs

    Here's some more, Opportunities - Pet Shop Boys Money changes everything - Cyndi Lauper Independant Woman - Destinys Child Money for Nothing - Dire Straits Money - Pink Floyd Cabaret - Liza Minelli Money Money Money - ABBA
  12. I'll openly admit to using mix's, in fact I'll go a step further and say, unless you're a skilled turntablist, it's almost impossible to do an authentic 80's night without using mix's. DMC produced some excellent mix's in the 80's and early 90's, that can be used on such evenings, they were popular at the time and are still popular now. I think some DJ's take themselves a little too seriously, they should remember a DJ's function is to entertain their audience, not attempt to indoctrinate them. I'm not advocating club DJ's should start playing Jive Bunny and YMCA, far from it, but they should
  13. Thanks Mark, for supplying exactly the advise I needed once again. One last point, am I correct in thinking fitting it is just a matter of pluging it in to the HD2500 unit and formatting it using the built in function?
  14. I'm intending to upgrade the internal HD of my Denon from 40GB to 120GB in the near future, when looking around for a 120GB laptop drive to do the job with I find there are 3 types i.e. ATA SATA and IDE, which one is it that I need? Also is there anything else I should know before I buy, other than avoid samsung?
  15. I use several pairs of the Behringer B215A's in the hire side of my business and up to now they have been fine, if I was to critise them, it would be they sound a bit on the 'bright' side, I'm a bit of a bass freak myself. But, at around £249 they're a bargain and 'why buy new' are a decent company to buy from, if there's a problem they sort it without a drama.
  16. It's really easy to build your own 15 page site for free, and also get free hosting (with google ads appearing alongside) check out Web Eden
  17. Yes, I'm in it to earn money, and not for the good of my health or because I enjoy pandering to the drunken cretins you occasionally have the misfortune to meet. I want to be paid what I'm worth, no more, no less and that's the way to find out how much it is. If bookings took a nose dive, I'd drop my prices to regain the work, I wish the £60 Sid's would do the same. I can't see the 'big name' jocks going out for even 4 x the amount of what I do, and I certainly work considerably harder.
  18. Why on earth advise anyone to stay away from e-bay, when research shows it's much cheaper to buy new branded goods off eBay than the high street. In my experience you also get better customer service from e-bay traders due to the feedback system, and pay pal's willingness to freeze a traders account if a dispute occurs. On top of this many traders prices on eBay are cheaper than their own web sites 'class D' for example. Despite their name, I've bought a considerable amount of new branded kit off 'why buy new.com' and found them to be an excellent company to deal with, the couple of small pro
  19. Just thinking aloud at the moment, but I'm planning on using the quiet period I think is just around the corner, to rethink what I offer and reorganise. I intend to sell the stuff I thought would assist getting the better gigs, but didn't, and invest in providing Video playback as an alternative to the RGB lasers I use on the 'enhanced' shows at the moment. Firstly is plasma or LCD the best option for the screens and secondly, what play-out system would you use if starting again with a clean sheet. There's no fixed budget in place, but I like a bargain, and usually go for decent quality bran
  20. A couple of Acrobats are the oldest lights I've got that I still use in the show, I still think they're a great effect and have no plans to retire them anytime soon. I've got an older Griven 400w UV canon, but I no longer use it after an alarming accident with it a year ago. :scared:
  21. I've got loads of boxes of brand new ones making a noise like a bird. :ads:
  22. The screen might well be Hi-Res, but my eyes unfortunately aren't, regarding the Denon HD2500 guys getting by, I have a HD2500 myself, and that's all I do, 'Get By' I hate waiting for the dammed screen to scroll across to read the title of the tracks, I hate wearing glasses to read the other details of the display, and I won't be buying anything with just a small screen again anytime soon. I think I'll wait a while and see what gets developed, but I do like the concept of a multi media, professional, compact unit. If they get it right, the market could be huge, 6/10 for this one, and I can see
  23. I think most of us carry back up equipment, but are we carrying the right back up? If we all answer honestly we might get a clearer idea into what actually needs backing up and what we can probobly ignor, after all, you can't take a complete spare rig to every gig, or do you? I've just noticed you can only have one choice on equipment, just vote for the one that caused the biggest problem.
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