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  1. I wouldn't buy either because they just aren't powerful enough, especially for the size of gigs you do. There's a new generation of led Pars coming to the market containing 36 x 1W leds, which is a huge improvement over the current 10mm superbright units. Thoman have them due in later on this month and they are only just over £100 a piece. If you check their site you will find they have a dedicated led colour wash controller which will give you more flexibility than using inbuilt programs, remember you can always dim a bright can, but you can't turn a dim can up. If you want links posting let
  2. Oh yes, I forgot to add this to the last post, while we're on the subject, What does constitute a 'professional DJ'?
  3. Well I agree cost does not always equate to quality (generally it's a indicator though) so what does constitute 'a quality mobile DJ' in respect to a wedding reception?
  4. You're not the only one who thinks it unlikley, 5Mw is very low power, and then there is the small beam - big sky, it would be extreemly difficult to actually shine it in their eye. I use a 600Mw laser in some of my shows without blinding anyone, or even get a complaint about dazzeling, I think the police had it in for him. Out of interest ebay have recently banned the sale of laser pointers on their site
  5. I've worked with a few and found them generally positive and professional, but did come across one who was rather obsessive with minute detail, and it wasn't that 'big' an event.
  6. I'm pretty sure it's not a scam, I had a series of 3 ads in one of the Sunday supplements (not DJ related) a few years ago, it may have been with this company, the name sounds familiar. Having said that, it was a waste of money and I would not recommend them to anyone. Over my business lifetime I've spent many hundreds of thousands of pounds on advertising in various media, and from experience the only press ads that worked, were the one that were placed in specialist publications, and targeting my customer group directly. My advice is keep your cash in your wallet it sounds good, but that's b
  7. Aesthetically I prefer the first one, but I'd like the option of enlarging any pic I like so I could see it better, IMO the pics are too small.
  8. I've no brand in particular to recommend, most 'branded' led pars, (almost certainly including chauvet) are made in Guangzhou China, if you don't mind having 'no gaurantee' you can buy 1w led fittings (inc air freight) direct from the factory in China, cheaper than 10mm ones cost here in the UK.
  9. Dry ice isn't corrosive, but it is potentially hazardous, and if used in an enclosed environment you need to monitor oxygen levels. See 'Wiki' text below: Although useful in a number of contexts, dry ice can cause severe skin damage through cold burns. It is especially dangerous because dry ice produces a lot of fog, which can make it hard to see exactly where the dry ice is. Generally, airline passengers are not permitted to bring packages containing dry ice into an airplane cabin. Dry ice also evaporates in large quantities of carbon dioxide gas, which could displace oxygen contain
  10. Try HERE £99 and free delivery, just out of interest, why have you chosen that particular model when IMO better options exist? Just noticed you were in Australia and not the UK so the link I gave won't help you much. If I were you I would buy fittings containing 36 x 1w leds as a minimum spec, 10mm leds are yesterdays technology and unsuitable for many of the jobs par 64 cans are often used for, they're just not bright enough.
  11. This is a good one, I've not heard it played in ages, you might find it in a 60's compilation (Crazy world of) Arthur Brown - Fire
  12. It looks good, BTW, what led's were you using? The venue acoustics sounded like they were a nightmare
  13. One of the biggest mistakes young mobile DJ's (as opposed to club DJ's) make, is inflicting their taste in music on their clients. Most mixed age group party gatherings actually want cheese inter-spaced with the odd trance, garage or club anthem, not the other way round. A lot of what I play at the average gig, I wouldn't choose to listen to at home, and much of what I listen to at home, I wouldn't impose on my clients, that's professionalism.
  14. Thanks, I'll certainly try some of those, I've not played anything by the Shamen for ages, there's some good stuff in the list I'd forgot about.
  15. Care to name a few tracks? It's a genere I know little about, it seems to mean different things to different people.
  16. I need a bit of help with this one, I've taken on this a job as a favor to a landlord who's having a thin time at the moment, I'm hoping to drive a bit of trade his way. The gigs on Saturday evening. the venue's a smallish pub just off town center, mostly a youngish 18 - 35 old crowd, who usually call in early evening on the way down town and then tend to return later in the evening around 10 to 10-30'ish, definitely 'blue collar' not the sophisticated type. It's not the sort of gig I usually do, so any suggestions are welcome.
  17. Just a couple of half decent hires, and a low earning 'mates rate' do in a pub tonight, memo to self, must do better! I hate peanuts!
  18. I've seen DJ's turn up with suitcases full of Cd's to gigs, it begs the question why? I rarely take more than a large briefcase sized case of Cd's to gigs, you just don't need to, on an average gig you play less than 100 tracks ie 7 Cd's worth. If I'm doing a Soul/Motown night I don't take rock, pop, party, dance, trance, disco, 60's, 70's, 80's or any other genre, because I'm not going to play it, so why carry it, my kit's already heavy enough. If I'm doing a wedding or a 40 th birthday party, I take a much wider selection of tracks because you never know what will be requested, although sayi
  19. You need to have something fluorescent in the vicinity for it to show up properly, most things aren't, so they will look dull in the low level light, a 400w would light them up better, but if they are not flourescent, they won't glow.
  20. If I was requested to play it I would, if i wasn't, I wouldn't, it's as simple as that. I'm a DJ, not the morality police. Personally I wouldn't buy anything these cretins may release in the future, but I wouldn't throw away the stuff I already have.
  21. You could get a cheap projector & screen and use 'powerpoint' on your laptop
  22. Digital's the way forward for sure, but don't underestimate the time and effort it will take to get all your collection converted to MP3 files with the ID tags correct, it's a helluva job. Make sure you do it right the first time and make a copy of your database before using it in any application that has the ability to mess them up i.e denon music manager, for instance.
  23. Does anyone know if MP3 gain will cause problems with the ID tags in Denon Music Manager, it seems a very tempramental piece of software to begin with, and I don't want to cause myself any more problems than I've already got.
  24. Any comment would be superfluous
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