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  1. You are a star ! :) Thanks for those contacts. Although, I have just discovered my original emails going back & forth to Musicstore 3 years ago and realised the date on the invoice was weeks earlier than my delivery date as the stuff was not in stock at the time of first ordering.I discovered an email that I had sent asking about where my order was & this was days within my warranty period so Musicstore better sort this out for me.I sent them a copy of the email last Friday morning & they still have not replied yet. Do'nt think their customer service is as good as Thomann's.
  2. I purchased the speakers from Music Store.de in Germany which only offered a 3 year warranty & they are only out by just over 1 month !! I do'nt think QSC Europe offer that same 6 year warranty as they do in the US apparently (at least I ca'nt find it on their website). Thanks for the exploded parts list.
  3. Hi, I have an out of warranty QSC K12 that will not power on & it's not the power lead that is the problem.Anyone got any suggestions ? Have you seen this issue before ? Is there an internal fuse that may have blown & if so, where is it located ? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks everyone, for going to all the trouble, much appreciated. :Thumbup:
  5. paddyhdj

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    Fugative - Bad Girl Preeya Kalidas ft. Mumzy Stranger - Shimmy Alex Gaudino - I'm in Love Scouting For Girls - Famous Flo Rida feat David Guetta - Club Can't Handle Me The Futureheads - I Can Do That Daruso - Since You Been Gone
  6. Hi all, The nightclub I DJ in is running a Barn Dance this weekend as a Theme night & to keep with the theme of the event I'm putting together a playlist of "Barn Dance" music that I will be playing alongside cheesey party tunes amid the usual Chart,Dance,R'n'B & Hip Hop. So far I have "Red Nex - Cotton Eye Joe"......................... & thats it ! Any ideas ? Your help would be much appreciated. Paddy
  7. Hi Sweetie apologies for the late reply.Yes I did purchase the QSC :2 x K12s & 1 KSub. I'm delighted with the purchase.When I first plugged in a single K12 connected directly to a disc-man in my garage a smile came across my face when I heard the sound (it was the sound I was searching for, for ages).Then I saw the switch at the back labelled "Deep" & I moved the switch to that setting - that smile changed to a big cheesey grin ! It was the thunderous, chest thumping base that I have been wanting to bring to my mobile set-up for years. The real beauty is that the K12s are such a small
  8. Has anyone any idea of the QSC K Series ? There seems to be a lot of positive reviews on it around the web. Great sound,good build & very solid apparently. I currently use the Bose L1 System with 2B1s for my mobile work but I am just not happy with them so I've decided to go for something with more "kick". The kind of gigs I play would typically be in Hotel Function Rooms (your average function room catering for 200 - 400 people possibly 100 feet x 150 feet ).I also do the odd teenage disco in a sports hall which would be just a bit bigger than a basketball court but they have been k
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