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  1. Thanks for that, it took me a couple of reads to grasp what you were saying (my brain's fault, not your writing) but that was really helpful. Certainly gives me a better idea of the in's and out's of the more technical side... and why the pat test didn't show anything wrong. Hopefully santa will bring me a suppressed trailing socket adaptor which will at least give me the chance to narrow down a few of the faults and excitingly mean that I can no longer blame "black magic" for the strange noises.
  2. Just to pick your brain (since you have already demonstrated you know far more than me, in just a few sentances) Twas an American dj aggressor, the lovely man who does my pat testing checked everything he could and it all came up fine, so with that in mind is it likely to be a basic switch mode power supply? Or (As i like to think) evidence that every venue in my local area sits on a lay line.
  3. So glad I'm not the only one who finds odd noises coming out of their PA. IT drives me nuts... but One venue makes my speakers produce a slightly louder hum and it used to produce that high pitched whine usually associated with tv's. One used to create an electical noise (which I can only descibe as similiar to the yellow line in this picture http://forex.eazel.com/wp-content/uploads/...06/zigzag_2.gif ) but that stopped for no reason two months ago My Flat (providing I don't use a certain plug socket) leaves a tiny tiny hum and a little hiss One venue changes between the afore
  4. I'm getting a lot of e-mails and not getting any response at all (not even a thankyou but no) from my lengthy replies. I suspect it's because the people sending them, are looking for the cheapest mainly because every email tends to read like this.... "Hi, Just wondering are you free for a kids party/disco/karaoke on (enter date here) and how much do you charge?" My phone calls are down, and most potential clients reject my prices due to them being too high. On the plus side, the number of people who would recommend me are rapidly increasing and a lot who knew me, wanted me and deci
  5. I recently roped in a friend to help with upgrades, he had no previous knowledge of the industry, but got a brief insight into my (albeit busy) working month.... A patron to a venue who was complaining he has just done a 50 hour week in his shop and wasn't sure if he should sell his own business, to which I replied recently I've been working 60hrs (updating songbooks, buying / testing equipment, copying discs, gigging, travel etc), on far less than minimum wage but if you love your job it's do-able and worth it. The patron looked at me like I dropped off Planet Liar... To which my frie
  6. I did a wedding recently with a similar set list. Greatest wedding ever. The crowd were polite, they were undemanding at let me mix-a-way to my hearts content. I do understand your reservations, if it does turn into the gig from hell though... vent your frustations and play Drowning Pool's Bodies before changing styles into something more well rounded. Musically it may not go well with Lady Gaga, but the lyrics are excellent for a frustrated DJ who needs to change style due to a dance floor dying on them and it will gain you huge brownie points with the rockers.
  7. I just want to echo whats been said here. It's a sad day. But I want to thank everyone involved for the hard work that was put in.
  8. We've never had a break down on the way to a venue, but we have had cars blocked in and cars die on us just before we were due to leave. We have a list of people we can call... but I wouldn't hesitate to call a cab (six seater). The service round my area is very good and fast and they are covered for the equipment. Personally, I really will do everything i can to make sure the gig goes ahead, even when I make a huge loss. It's the main reason I like residencies, I know how long I need to set up, how to get there and have plan on how to deal with any problems and they are all nearby is
  9. Thanks guys, gone back to the venue with a variety of options and Lee's Bingo was the choice. Shall keep you posted on how it all goes.
  10. I had a look at lee's software and so far I'm not too impressed personally I found that visually it was very cheap looking. . . . though worth the £15 but frustratingly the demo didn't give me time to investigate all the parts. Can you run a second screen from it, or does the audience see what I saw? and will it say lee's bingo anywhere on the screen when I buy the full version? and can I automatically bring the next number up?
  11. I'm one of the few ex-hoilday park entertainers, that still loves bingo, and I've been asked by a regular venue of mine to host a bingo night (on a regular basis if they can pull the crowds in). I can host the night, no worries. In fact I'm looking forward to bringing out all the bad puns. I also have the PA, and the ability to plug into their in house system (so if the venue wants to keep their costs down a small mixing desk and microphone would be fine). The venue has six tv's, and one big screen... (all hooked up differently and often showing different channels). What I need i
  12. I agree with nearly everything Jason said, but our discs are first out (into the venue... we assume a thief will pass you on the way out of the door,) and last in (because then when we say our goodbyes/get paid etc the discs are in our hands not unattended). Plus a thief would have to carry them out of the venue, rather than just grab them, throw them into their boot and drive off. Realistically we are probably over protective of our discs, since it would be easier for a thief to obtain a pre-loaded hard drive and the re-sale value is so low, (Sadly our slappa cases are probably worth m
  13. I'll have a looksie as well, I send my e-mail address to you.
  14. Thats where a host should come in, I have very few singers that sing the same songs every night. Gentle encouragement and an active interest in their choice of music tends to help. But in saying that I do have a few offenders that never change their songs, but in a night of 40 different songs, most people can cope if they heard three songs by the same singers last week. Some tracks just work for some people. and as a dj do you not have certain tracks that you play nearly every night? I must confess though, I'm bored of people singing Neil Diamonds's version of Sweet Caroline. Sa
  15. My first karaoke song was "yesterday once more" by the Carpenters, I was aged 11 and it was a school competition. Which I won alongside four others. I was addicted from that moment on, though it took a further six years before I could get into a pub to have another go (shhh yes I know the ages don't quite match the law). I don't understand peoples hatred for karaoke, it may not be someones cup of tea but to hate it?? I have however noticed that entertainers tend to prefer karaoke to Disco's or visa versa. It's very rare to find someone with an equal love for both. Personally,
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