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  1. Morning everyone, I am about to start providing a karaoke in a new venue and one of there requests was that I must have a book of songs, easy request i know but the thing is that the other two venues i do karaoke at I just let the singers search for what ever song they want on my second laptop that I have on stage, no need for books. I could of course create a song book with all the disks I have in my collection but the result would be a very thick book with lots of songs that people just dont sing. Does anyone use a programme that can tell them the top 500 songs that are used s
  2. Good Afternoon lads, Im still looking for a second hand RCF 705 sub, the older model with the 800 watt amp to match the one I already have. I am willing to pay a good price for one that is in good condition and obviously a cover for it would be an advantage. Surely some one has one they hardly use or they fancy upgrading to a lighter but more powerful 905 /902 ? Cheers, Phil.
  3. Morning Lads, Im after a pair of Abstract Extreme DJ XP2 Scanners. If anyone has a pair they are willing to sell please let me know. Cheers Phil
  4. Hi lads, as the title says, I'm looking to sell my cluster laser. It is a Kam DMX 140 (i think, don't know the difference between the 140 and the 140i) I would like to get £100 plus any postage costs. PM Me if you need anything. Cheers Phil
  5. Hi Lads, Im selling my large Logic System Rig. Details: Logic System 1296. 6 Cabs in total - 2 x 18's, 2 x twin 15's, 2 x 12's. Chevin 1000 amp Chevin 6000 amp DBX Driverack Covers For all Cabs Can deliver to most places in uk if needed - for a fuel charge. £4,500 Reason for sale is that I just do not use it anymore. Cheers, Phil.
  6. Hi lads, Im after a single RCF 705 Active Sub to make a pair with the one I already have. Cheers Phil
  7. Morning Guys, I have up for sale the following lights; 2 x Acme Winner Scanners - £200 2 x Acme Rover Barrels (one mirror segment cracked) - £200 2 x Chauvet Intimidator Scanners (Identical colours and look to the winners) - £200 2 x Flight cases which hold 2 of the above lights - £25 Each If anyone was to buy all 6 lighting effects I would throw in the 2 flight cases for free so the buyer would only have to source one more case for all six lights to be protected. Collection is preferred but if you arrange a courier to collect from Burton on Trent thats ok with me. O
  8. I must admit im interested in one of these, it looks a bit different.
  9. Im after getting either 4 of these or 2 dynatwins, I always think that scanners look better with four heads. I currently have the winners and a pair of chauvet intimidators, very bright very good master slave programming but they are getting too heavy for me in my old age ;-)
  10. personally i would not buy any laser product from ebay, you never know where they have come from and what regulations they may or may not comply to.
  11. Mmm, i looked at this a while back when i sold my inpossiled. I do think it looks a bit different and the lines do give good effect.
  12. Got a pair of these myself, had them for a good 5 years now but i still think they are a very good moonflower
  13. Must admit I liked mine at first but then the dots just bored me, I doubt the customer minds though as they only see them at the one party not week in week out. Phil
  14. Hi Lads, Im after your opinions on what you would use on an overhead bar on a 4ft deckstand: Just after you thoughts for a general gig lets say a 40th birthday for example, What lights I have to choose from are: 2 x Abstract XP5's 2 x NJD Datamoons 2 x Acme Rovers 4 x Acme Winners 1 x Abstract Moonray 1 x Cluster Laser I also have £250 put aside for another fixture but i don't know what to go for, I already have 10 LED Par 64's I use for uplighting. So what would you put up and what would you buy extra (not much of a budget I know). Cheers Phil.
  15. Hi, Im trying to get my hands on a abstract moonray and i cant find them anywhere. Anyone know of where i can get one new or second hand ? Cheers Phil.
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