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  1. felix66

    The Music Game

    change, turn on your radio
  2. thats a good idea,6 pints at the pub or down a asda for 3 cases ,dam it another decision i have to make :cheers: ,thanks to all for input
  3. i thort bout buying two,will have to push 4 a controller then,as for the led,when i got a demo they looked samey may be less hours on them did not ask,thanks guys.
  4. or the acme version ,there is £20 in it with adj revo costing more, anybody run these ,any help please,i no its only £20 but.
  5. thanks for replys,nice to see the cd player is still going strong
  6. i want to go over to laptop when mobile,just want to no how many of you still set up a cd deck or do you just take one for back up,thanks shaun.
  7. some might say, its a sad day,i say :djuhi:
  8. my nephew and a mate have seen the prodigy many times they say the show is wicked, i do like a bit of kevin and perry like the music from late 90`s ie needin u beach ball ect did get tracks from dance records.com but it has now gone bust
  9. i don`t mind what i play for people as i like most types of music,but what do you listen to when you have some you time ,or your in the car ect,i love jazz,funnk,soul eg,52nd street,loose ends , sosband, kenny thomas fat back band,oh and some steve walsh,u what,u what to name but afew, i do miss a dj called robbie vincent in the 80`s on r1 on sunday nights ps anybody else like this stuff to,or go to caister soul weekender i went in 86.
  10. at least you can fit them in to the gig,and you won`t need to take much music with you
  11. felix66

    Revo 4

    i think you could be right with that one, i love my galaxian 3d.
  12. i would only do it for zig and zag
  13. i can see your point,the only thing to say is time will tell,i think i have an idea to care for the light as like you and others even though its only £129 thats still close to a nights work .
  14. hi not sure where to post this,is there anybody here from oxfordshire,i have been out the disco world since 2000,i would like to meet up with someone for chat and maybe help them on some gigs ect. thanks shaun.
  15. im buying gear at the moment as sold most off my stuff in 2000,there are some good value lighting effects around i have found out these days i see so, just bort these equinox triclops.and a adj galaxian 3d,the galaxian looks great at £239 ,the triclops is a good centre light fast heads many paterns projected heads move in all directions and are rapid runs on dmx and lead is supplied at £129.
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