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  1. I may be missing something, but why not just type the website address in to you're browser on your phoneto veiw the forum it works on the Samsung Galaxy Ace. Then just create a shortcut to the site on the phone. I hope i'm not stating the obvious.
  2. Hi read your post I browsing on Amazon and came accross this 101 Ibiza Anthems for £4.99 on mp3 download. Might give u a few ideas or you may wish to buy it if you need more tracks. http://www.amazon.co.uk/101-Ibiza-Anthems/...70&sr=301-1
  3. a great find thanks according to the scrolling banner at the top of the Home page it says they do MP3 format aswell. This is the details that it scrolls up "4,000 tracks to download MP3, MP4 or WMV" but it takes a while for it to show up.
  4. Try this link http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/index.php?showto...k+total+control. A dj on this forum posted a Numark Total control for sale + software. On Ebay it was relisted, but has run out. It is worth contacting him, as he may still have it for sale. Dez
  5. D.I.V.O.R.C.E bY Tammy Wynette or Dolly Parton
  6. Hi "Everything seems to include Vista which is a bit annoying!" This is a direct extract In issue 284 of computeractive it states: Microsoft stopped selling Windows XP in shops in July 2008. Unders pressure from customers, Microsoft created a "downgrade rights" scheme. This means that,until the end of January 2009, it's possible to purchase a computer running Vista Business or Ultimate that can then be reset with Windows XP Professional. RAM: Check to see how much memory the laptop you are thinking of buying holds. You may find the laptop from Curry's might not hold anymore tha
  7. Hi Bouncy Dancefloor, Read an article in Computer Active Magazine. It listed the three most reliable brands as Sony,Toshiba,Fujitsu Seimens as listed in a poll. But of course there are more brands. I was looking to buy this one http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/inn...hibaShop/false/. It has a good specification. The main bit was the system memory, it comes with 3 gb as standard standard : But has good room for expansion the following is from this spec ( 3,072 (2,048 + 1,024) MB maximum expandability : 8,192 MB technology : DDR2 RAM (800 MHz)).C
  8. Hi Simon, Welcome. Look forward to chatting to you soon Scubadez
  9. Hi Aqua7 Welcome to the Forum :djuhi:
  10. try this link been posted on here before http://www.whybuynew.co.uk/?gclid=CKfa68DG85cCFUoa3godghl2CQ Stuff is ex demo or trade show but comes with a guarantee. See what you can pick up Scubadez
  11. Try this link http://www.broadbandchecker.co.uk also for voip you could use skype which is free for computer to computer calls. To ring land lines you just buy credit like a mobile but cheaper.You can also send sms messages aswell. http://www.skype.com/intl/en-gb/download/skype/windows/ For cable broadband i have virgin media. no problems with download limits and good performance dez
  12. Hi yourbigevent Interesting. like the sound of what you've posted. Cheers Scubadez
  13. FYI Anyone that uses powered speakers, maybe interested in the following. EM Karaoke has this set up. "For the first time, LD-Systems is offering a professional UHF wireless system for audio with the LD WATS1(2). A compander circuit with an integrated limiter guarantee a high quality transmission. This unique transmission system is perfect for delay lines and all other applications where implying cables is not desired or not possible. The maximum range of 100m (open field) is sufficient for most applications. The battery life of over 10 hours (dependant on the type of battery us
  14. scubadez

    Ac Dc

    AC,DC'S latest album offering "Black Ice" should have some other sure fire hit's on it for rock night's. Some fantastic tracks on it. Turn it up and rock on. Scubadez
  15. Purchased this set upon your recommendation. Well worth the money. A good addition to a collection for the price. Many Thanks Scubadez
  16. You could check this website out and see if anything fits the bill. http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/rangecat.jsp?t=nb A recent survey said : sony toshiba fujitsu seimens were the top 3 most reliable
  17. As always people are entitled to there opinion. The quality of the player, for my intended purpose is satisfactory. I have 13 genuine Sunfly discs and a box set of 16 genuine discs. The special needs that i do the parties for on a voluntary basis, don't mind. Invested in the kit, out of my own pocket. Don't make any money from it. done it so my special needs freinds can enjoy themselves. Doing it on a commercial basis. I can understand what you're getting at.
  18. thanks for the advice. have started buying the now cd's, but will check ebay out. Cheers!!!! Worth considering Play.com have this deal:- http://www.play.com/Mobiles/Mobile/4-/5180...-3/Product.html Regards Scubadez
  19. Hi Try this, Karaoke direct are doing a deal for £169 for Karaoke player, wireless microphones and karaoke tracks. The mounting kit is £9.99 Heres the link for the deal http://www.karaokedirect.co.uk/karaoke-200...black-1996.html Heres the link for the mounting kit http://www.karaokedirect.co.uk/ultimate-ka...g-kit-1858.html Here is an overview of the player: - Description New for 2008 Karaoke divx player with HDMI Output. This multi region DVD upscale player and entertainment centre stands alone for reliability
  20. Have been dj'ing at parties for family and freinds. As i'm not doing it as a proper job. Have been following the advice of this site and purchasing as many mixed type cd's as i can afford. Rather than trying to guess what music they would want. Thought a using mobile broadband to purchase music on the night, to cover requests. Something like the 3 mobile broadband Anyone got any experience of purchasing tracks this way? Does it work? Thanks Scubadez
  21. Hi Everyone, Looking for info. What licenses do you need to dj commercially using a laptop computer? use a laptop at the moment with dj software just for freinds and family. Want to get into doing more dj work and would like to know what licenses i need to purchase. Many Thanks for any help on this matter Regards Scuba Dez :thanks:
  22. Hi Pete, I've just recently started doing dj/karaoke parties for freinds. Outside of the parties i have been doing for the special needs, from the scuba diving charity, we run. Like you. have invested in a nice setup. Beginning to get more offers of work . So joined this forum to get help on how to set up, to do more mobile dj work. Hope to do it full time, instead of just part time. Hope to may be chat to you. Soon Scuba dez
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