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  1. it is the sort of thing to put you off going there again if im honest, did the man ever say sorry?
  2. what sort of venues are you doing and what type of music will you be playing?
  3. yes we've covered that you can buy the pickup, but its quite a tricky job the transport is just plug and play, it also solves alot of the recurring problems with the draws and cogs going wrong on these machines
  4. what would you recommend matt? im browsing for an external soundcard myself, pretty much everyone says go for the maya44 or gigaport
  5. that behringer unit looks terrible £150 is NOT realistic, especially as youd need an amp to run it the Prosound tops are not very good either Personally, id save up and buy some better tops and replace what you have, less carrying around and youll get a huge boost in volume, bass and huge jump in quality
  6. ive seen a real life demo of the new prolight exercet led light a couple of weeks ago, its due in December i think? its quite impressive, the gobo's are ridiculously sharp (sharper than the exercet) and the colours are rich. The usual problem is brightness, id estimate its above a 100w effect but not quite 250w
  7. numark ones are about 35-40 to buy (the whole transport) you can buy off Skytronic, Gemini or American DJ cheaper!! Same transport!
  8. different colour lights, with matching mixer and case
  9. very common problem with all numark players the laser is supplied by numark, citronic and american dj, as they all use the same part for most (not all) of their players. its basically the entire cd mechanism inside which has the laser attached. the whole thing comes out and the new transport slots in any competant dealer should get this fixed on 2 day turnaround, its very very easy
  10. youve got to remember that they only have a 12" driver and they are made for sound quality and good clarity, not trouser flapping bass! If the gig is so big that the mackies cant cope with the bass, then you need to hire or buy a sub
  11. occuring alot, as youd expect but im very professional about it i just say "if they arent available, or if its a really special occasion, then im happy to help"
  12. norfolk, the quality of the laser is irrelevant, its the style of laser. The Cluster type lasers dont need smoke and look good, but they do look better in smoke the new Kam lasers look very good, expect every brand to have them very soon. The new concept is basically Purple! Lots of purple dots or in one case, a purple gobo flower effect coupled with a cluster effect. But once again, they do look even better with smoke
  13. as superstardeejay has mentioned, the is1000 has a bridge output no special wiring needed just go normal speakon to speakon +1 -1 to +1 -1, it even says this next to the Bridge Socket i presume the drivers are 8 ohms each? If not, the warrior amp isnt designed for 4 ohms bridged
  14. perhaps you could clarify what you mean a bit more you are going to use TWO amps to run one dual 18" cab? also what make/model are the amps, some kick out on different terminals i find this rather worrying, i think you need to expand more on the equipment being used
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