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  1. Thanks for the advice gents. John
  2. Hello everybody. I am putting together a few bits to try and make my new venture more professional. I am making things like booking forms, T+C's, telephone enquiry scripts etc. Does anybody have any examples of Booking forms and telephone enquiry scripts which they could post for new DJ's like me to use as inspiration? The telephone enquiry script (or at least questions to ask each enquiry) is of particular importance as I am going to start advertising this week with a view to performing my first gig in November/December time. Any help and advice would be very much app
  3. Alright Steve. Is that red badge on the left by your name given out for bad behaviour? COYB tongue out icon Do you need a roadie?
  4. WOW - That is amazing. My budget of 2k for a full set up is looking pathetic right now.
  5. Great News! I have been offered roadie work with two companies. http://www.djs4weddings.co.uk/]http://www.djs4weddings.co.uk/ http://www.08party.com/mobile-disco/]http://www.08party.com/mobile-disco/ If I can show a bit of talent, they have both said they will find me DJ work. The Apprenticeship begins......
  6. Hi guys. I have been looking around for a while at all sorts of options for setting up a decent rig to enable me to start paid work as a mobile disco. (18th's, 21st's etc) I have seen lots of examples of complete systems available and I would like your advice as to whether these job lots are any good. A couple of the examples I am considering are here: http://www.djkit.co.uk/product.php?id=4107&cat=294 http://www.djkit.co.uk/product.php?id=4101&cat=294 The only kit I currently have is years worth of CD's so I need everything else to create a set up. If y
  7. Hi. Yes. I have had a good look at his website. http://www.theonepercentsolution.com/products.htm I was hoping I could economise a bit by buying a copy off somebody who doesn't need theirs any longer. John
  8. Anybody got a copy of this for sale?
  9. This is a top quality answer. :thanks: :thanks: Thanks for taking the time. I take it a USB controller is the same thing then. As far as I can gather then, a HD controller and a Laptop/PC are extremelly similar except a Laptop/PC appears to have more functionality and can be upgraded easier with a software update? There is a lot more to being a DJ than playing music it seems....lol
  10. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=21659 :djuhi: (These icons are cool)
  11. Hmmm. An interesting read. I know a bit more about diabetes and gall stones now, which is nice. The parts which didn't involve physiological discussion where quite informative. Thanks. :Thumbup:
  12. Hi all. Could somebody briefly explain to me what a HD DJ Controller is please? Is it similar to a Laptop? Is it better or worse than a Laptop? Many thanks. Apologies for the noob questions. Another ten or so of these should see me graduate to Noob with a bit of nous.
  13. Good questions! I will be working in the North West. I will work every possible gig I can in the beginning I would imagine. I would guess that my set up will be middle of the road to begin with. Thanks
  14. TOPIC MOVED TO MARKETING AREA Hello everybody. As you may have read, I am considering setting up as a mobile Disco/Karaoke provider. One thing I am curious about though is the earning potential in this market. Could some off you guys give me your estimates on average weekly earnings for the following class of DJ please: Beginner - Less than 1 year Intermediate - 1 Year - 3 Years Professional - 3 years plus. Many thanks. John
  15. Thanks for the welcome everybody. I went to a gig with a local DJ last night (Kevin Heneghan) in Liverpool. He works off two laptops with a CD mixer as back up - His system looked fantastic. I am going to spend the next few weeks going out with different DJ's asking questions and watching. DJF - Do you need a Roadie this Saturday?
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