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  1. Mick H


    Nice to see some new material, a gap of about 2 years since the last, well done. :good:
  2. I have been using Reloop gear for a while now, its been very good for me, robust, good quality and reliable. I bought mine whilst I was serving in the Fatherland. I have a PA system, lights, and a hazer by them all uber reliable.
  3. I will be coming down on the train if you can give me directions timings etc, will be coming into new st.
  4. Okey Cokey, as a bike instructor and advanced motorcyclist, I would like to add my twopennerth. I agree with the main point that other road users are a big variable in the equation, however, the quality of the training nowadays is far superior to what it was years back and rightly so. The majority % of accidents due to poor riding skills is in someway the 'Born again Biker' by which I mean 40 something and not ridden a bike since 1983 when they had a RD250. Stick these on say a cbr 600 and they will quickly become a stain on a bridge pillar. Take in what is taught on your course and look to d
  5. You have to admit it gives you a laugh on Sunday morning when you are recolletcing the night with mates. I recently had a v drunk girl stumble through her rendition of a tune off the telly "Lambrini advert mate you must know it". After hearing her version, I tell her it's 'The Snake by Al Wilson' no its not, you havent got a clue have you, your :crap: you !!!! OK love I'll put it on in a bit, lambrini you say ?? Played said Mr Wilson she danced away with her mates and sure as eggs is eggs 10 mins later......"Have you got...........Now where is my service revolver Jeeves ?? :ads:
  6. I'm not using it Alex but will take a look as I make the transformation to civilian life this year and will rely on my skills to put bread on the table. On initial glance it seems to tick the boxes but I can't run it on the PC at work due to security.
  7. When you are on about singing, just pick something easy,you must sing along to stuff in the van on the radio so think of those. Also, dont nick all the favourites from your punters (sweet Caroline etc) as I find these are the ones used to get people up and running. I tend to go for a bit of novelty stuff that people dont go near.....George Formby....... turned out nice again
  8. As said it's a personal spin. I have my main playlist section on my HDD and have my external to hand for the more obscure stuff and in case of my laptop packing up due to low moral fibre
  9. I have just downloaded the OTS AV trial to have a play with, looks good.
  10. What I will say is that the customer care is pretty shoddy, over a week and no reply,pity as it seems a great program for karaoke if the niggles could be sorted. Anyway take note if you are thinking of buying :crap:
  11. OK, major DOH moment on my post, I am referring to VDJ Studio ver 5.3, which is not Virtual dj, OK my fault and I now stand fully braced and biting said pillow and await my ridicule...... :aa
  12. Hi all and a Happy New Year, I have recently bought VDJ 5, used it on New Years Eve and it crashed 3 times :wall: I spent most of the night on egg shells waiting for it to go again. The error from the laptop says that the graphics driver has stopped working and then it all locks up. My laptop is fairly new(Toshiba Satellite) and my OS is Vista. Anyone got any tips
  13. Greetings Pop Pickers, I have had a pair of Canon speakers kicking around for ages, they have no model number on them, they have 2 small drivers of about 5 inches and a tweeter in the middle, speakon connectors. They stand about 2 foot tall and are quite good sounding in a small bar type room, what I want to know is, has anyone ever come acroos Canon speakers before ?? Are they any good ?? :ads:
  14. Heartstopper on Saturday in Wrexham, a third of a way through the night my amp decided enough was enough :scared: A rather schnell sprint into the back of the van for spare amp and hey presto, back in business :pro: Always wondered about having all that gear in the van but it saved my bacon that night. Seems my Reloop amp got a bit too hot and went into protection mode, at least I know it works
  15. Same thing got me There are a few decent "How to" vids on you tube.
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