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  1. Hi mate, I'm selling my speakers./amp... Its not 15, but its perfect for small volumes and speakers/amp are good quality as far as PA goes.... 1x QSC RMX-850 2x Carlsbro Alpha 12 speakers (200watt each) Id be willing to let you have them for £300, all are in mint condition!
  2. Yo buddy, if your set on having a 19" rackmount mixer then ignore this. Ecler NUO2 £200 and a great little mixer, very compact and easy to transport, has send receive on BOTH channels, check it out - Its not a cheap budget mixer, its well built, has very solid knobs, and they are over-sized which makes control that little bit easier! I loved mine and highly recommend them.
  3. The only thing I'd settle for is a macbook, but then again I hate windows because the mac OS is 100x better and its much better for stability when playing at gigs, mine has never ever crashed and runs M-Audio Torq with no problems what-so-ever, ran it on my windows desktop and got all sorts of problems! But then again, most people on here use Virtual DJ (which is crap anyway). Get yourself a second hand macbook and M-Audio Torq, you won't look back!
  4. I got about 50 breaks vinyl, yours for the right price, I've gone to using Serato ScratchLive so don't really use the vinyl anymore! Got some really good nu-skool breaks stuff in there, I'll get a list up for you if your interested...
  5. ooooh!!! I love breakbeat - thats what I DJ.... Here's some of my fav's.... Plump DJ's - Bullet Train Elite Force - Return2Mindfunk (Vandal Remix) Green Velvet vs Justice - Waters over la la land (Vandals bootleg breaks remix) The Breakfastaz - Shady Breaks Soul of Man - Foxy Moron Beat Assasins - Generation MTV (Plaza de funk mix) Drumatic Twins - Twister B Phreak - Funkbox (Hexadecimal remix) Mars & The Phat Riderz - Communistic Funky Beat (4kuba remix) This is one of my favourite tunes to drop with RAGE killing in the name of bit in the
  6. Those were the days!!!! I wanna go back to student life its so much easier... money appears from trees when your a student.... once your finished the trees seem to stop flowering and need a lot of watering!
  7. In reality council workers don't bother to record the numbers and websites on these banners, they just put them into their bins and walk on till they get to the next banner and do the same thing! A good place to advertise is to make some business cards and take them to motorway service stations, restaurants, supermarkets etc... where they have space for local companies to advertise, you can get a lot of work through this way.
  8. Not a fan of this tune, I hate it!!!! yuk yuk yuk!!!!
  9. Mix on the night always, you can't DJ from a pre recorded mix or a pre-planned list, thats just rude and against every rule of DJ'ing. The main skill of DJ'ing is to understand what music makes the dancefloor work well, the type of music that gets the punters up on their feet and dancing about, this differs from crowd to crowd and as a DJ you have to be able to adapt to different music styles and play the songs they want to hear. To pre-record a mix is just wrong! ...If I booked a DJ who'd done that I would not be a happy bunny as I could have just done that myslef and hired some sp
  10. Definatley cloths over boxes! ...Cloths are modern and look more professional in my opinion, plus they are easier to transport and setup! Boxes just look old fasioned now and a bit 80s!
  11. I tend to get nervous if I'm having to DJ where people are looking at my DJ'ing skills, i.e. playing in a bar as a back up DJ etc... If I'm DJ'ing "cheesy" party music with just simple fades between songs, I don't get nervous at all because no-one is there to judge your skills, just your choice of music which is usually fine for me!
  12. T-Mobile with unlimited internet access and £180 credit per month to use on either texts, voice calls or picture messages. ...When I was at uni, my housemate worked for them and put me on the employee call discount scheme so I get half price line rental for life (as long as I remain a T-Mobile customer!).
  13. Can't wait to watch this; Casino Royal was so fresh compared with the previous Bonds! I'm excited
  14. Moderator Edit We have a dedicated for sale area of the forum which can be used to advertise items for sale, please do not continue to SPAM here, as forum discussion threads are not your own personal ebay!.
  15. If your really interested I'm selling up a lot of my equipment, simply because I can't be bothered to take the mobile aspect of DJ'ing any further. If your interested, I've got a 400watt PA setup (2x 200w Carlsbro Alpha 12s) running off a QSC RMX-850 power amp (very high quality - runs 200w Per channel RMS with these speakers) Also got a really great DJ Desk perfect for the mobile DJ, made by Girraffe and incorporates a T-Bar to hang lights from. I've also got a really good light (can buy another one, link them via DMX and they work simultaneously), its an ACME DynaRoll 250watt
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