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  1. thanks Jason. just found another problem. I invest in a 1TB sata hdd and bought a caddy/case for it (usb-ata/atapi bridge) loaded some test tracks did the librarian bit on it and the D2 wont even see it. I know the drive works as the music is on it . I have been on to the Numark web site and it says D2 can use NTFS, FAT and a couple of others but no mention of exFAT. formatted hdd in NTFS , didnt work, so tried exFAT as my pc doesnt have FAT 32, still no joy. Could the problem be the connection ? ie SATA as oppossed to IDE ?
  2. flash911

    The Music Game

    WINGS - mull of kintyre
  3. thanks guys, SPINNER i have the manual but not really helpfull , VOKF i tried your first suggestion, doing it on the D2 takes kin ages , really would like to do it on the pc a lot quicker i think :Thumbup: . Do I need to make a file on the hdd im using and name it ".pls" ?? Thanks again :dukesy:
  4. does any one have one and if so how the hell do you make a plylist for it ? :wall:
  5. flash911

    The Music Game

    paper ROSES marie osmond
  6. thanks for that, understood it just lol. was hoping they would be like newer lights master/slaves lol
  7. Hi peeps are these (Martin Robozaps) dmxable ? got the chance to buy 3 of them
  8. thanks , might just leave them in stand alone lol
  9. can you connect "ANY" dmx'd lights together even different makes ?
  10. I beleive its 3 , not got mine here so not 100% :ads:
  11. "the love i lost" sybil or was it robyn S ?
  12. I would have thought a mixer would fit in and be handy
  13. I have the Cortex 1000 and the d2 . Cortex is good. how ever the d2 for my use is great. both will let you make playlists, but d2 you can use the crate to put the mp3's in as you think of them .
  14. mine has just postponed for tonight, they still want me to do it but next yr
  15. thanks for that, was just an idea after looking at another web site. thought id give it a go lol Im a mobile dj (dont talk a lot lol) to be honest I dont think the punters would even know the difference But its always good to improve yourself
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