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  1. for the money they are great. i had to cut hand holes in mine too. never got a manual from new. i use different tops sometimes more beefier ones. also i use the thru put to link to my active cabs. make a nice bit of noise when set up right. i have noticed tho the subs can motorboat sometimes if set to a too low a xover freq. but all in all for 450.00 brand new i cant complain.
  2. check this track out, superb tune. video is on you tube currently in the r&b charts. hope it crosses over to the main charts. will be playing it out today see what reaction i get. i love it.
  3. i have a 1200w per side @ 4ohm amp spare pm me if i can help out
  4. ( and it appears one or two do too). try saying that with a facefull of beer lol :dan:
  5. it is on m.o.s. the rush album cd 2 track 8
  6. yep, elevator musak. bland and easy on the ear. :zzz: then rock 'em to get that food digested :pizza:
  7. this old heart of mine = isley bros hold back the night = trammps apart from that i reckon you will do it standing on yer head. use the two types of genres as a base for a bit of one upmanship with the two different "factions" like the breakdancers used to do. pit them against each other in the dance stakes and finish off with the really cheesy usual stuff they can all make fools of theirselves to. i fancy this gig meself. p.s. i am from bristol too. my aunt lived in thornbury for years.
  8. i was using props and stuff but the punters used to nick it . now i just use the mic. as you say banter is essential imho in karaoke. if you cant have the crack on the mic then think carefully about doing it. it is totally different than just a disco.
  9. it has a lot ......but no search facility
  10. my aunti lived in thornbury. in a house with a big long stone wall opposite a pub on a sort of y junction i think. holland was the surname.
  11. i have a irect line to the bt chairmans office. it is his personal staff who deal with the complaints. if you pm me i can give you the name and number of the girl in charge of bb customer complaints. she is very nice and really helpful. i wont post the number in forum tho, sorry.
  12. got a promo of this and the now 70. now 70 looks rubbish but this tune by alesha dixon is cool. gonna be thrashing it this weekend.
  13. media player can only find the info if it is the database it uses. sometimes you can edit the search and tell it what you want to find. other times you have to manually edit if it aint in the database. i cant see the mastermix discs being there to be honest as they are not "proper cd's" more for the pro. roxio media creator 10 seems to have a better database than media player i think.
  14. i only do 3 gigs a week, dont want any more to be honest. but use decent kit, not the top of the range by any means but i have a booth and cloth, about 15 lights to choose from. i think i put on a decent show and have a good laugh with my regular punters. thats my niche and i stick with it. i have done weddings and posher do's but i feel a bit uncomfortable really. always worrying and wondering if i am doing what they want. so i stick to my comfort zone.
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