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  1. i start a new bar wednesday and ive heard its age range is 30 to 65, what do you think will be the best music/songs for the place? just to check if ive got them, and to make a rough set list!
  2. i did one a while back, was great, everyone loved it! i found the crowd was roughly 16-20 and the typical "gay" anthems worked really well :)
  3. i use a similar setup, i use a mono output on the mixer to run a bridged amplifier to run the bin that way it gets a full signal l&r on one speaker :)
  4. ahhh sorry, i must of explained it badly, there both top speakers but once was fitted with a 4ohm bass bin driver and with a dodgy crossover, so i swapped the drivers over and they sound fab now bar the top on one is really excessive! :)
  5. i just swapped the two drivers round, as one is a bass bin driver and one is a normal one(they were like that when i bought them, got them for a bargain too!) worked an absoulte treat bar the top on one is excessively loud and always has been since ive had them.
  6. sorted, i do have another pair so i used the 4, ive had both of the drivers and horns out and tested spertaly and they all work, ive sorted the problem now.... BAR............ the top on one speaker is excesivly high! i mean really high! any ideas?
  7. the amps never clipped with it the speakers are 350watt RMS and my 1000watt amp puts out 300watt a side :) so thats perfect, i never put my ssyetm, into the orange on the mixer never mind the red! :)
  8. the top does work but its had a nasty looking crossover fitted which is a lower spec than the other one so low power on the top, it does work fine. there compression drivers, im only using a 1000wat amp with them & i havent overdriven them would it be ok for now though? if i keep the volume lowish?
  9. hey all, right ive got a pair of kam ims15's and one cab sounds dead deap and distorted and the other is all top, anywho i took the drivers out which are fine and found there were two dogy crossovers fitted, but ive got a party on sat and i dont have the money for new crossovers, can i by-pass them just for now? to get a smoother sound just until i can get hold of a matching pair?
  10. what version of virtual DJ bud? i use 5.2 on vista and its fine, i did try an very earlier version and it wouldnt!
  11. hi guys n gals! im after a program which does visulisations like media player, but better, to sit in the back ground(through monitors on my speaker stand) whilst i use virtual DJ on the same laptop. thanks
  12. right ive just stripped the mixer right down and ive gone over most of the amps circuit boards with a fine eye! nothing! however reading the info about the main amp insert jacks, i take it you mean the aux return? on the back there is only the switch on/off and 2 speakons. thanks
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