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  1. Thats good, definitely buying new as some good bargains out ther at the minute... cheers guys :good:
  2. Thanks for that Chris. I also need to know if Vista allows you to extend your desktop to an additional monitor.. cheers :)
  3. I have 6.0.1 pro but I dont think its the compatibilty problem its whether vista allows you to extend the desktop screen to an additional monitor.. cheers
  4. Guys I am looking to get another laptop but just wondering if anyone knows if Virtual DJ will work with Windows Vista, I particularly need to know if I can use extended desktop for additional monitors as i dont seem to have that option on my Desktop PC which has Vista on it..whereas my laptop has XP and i just need to right click on the desktop and it allows me to change display options.. any one got any idea on this thanks.. Mick
  5. Thanks for the replies ..much appreciated.. ;)
  6. Guys has anyone ever used a wireless speaker or speakers as additional sound .. reason is I have chance to do a few gigs at a local golf club that is not designed for functions .. its just a long fairly narrow room and I wondered if a couple of wireless speakers were the answer as they dont really want me running cables all round the room.. thanks for any info..
  7. Hi m8 waht format are these in, cdg ?
  8. Hi everyone just joined the forum and hope to pick up a few tips etc...
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