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  1. I must admit I was wondering what you meant about the blue writing etc, i'm glad you found my website in the end!!!!
  2. Thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated.
  3. Hi Guys, After months of threatening to get an online presence I have finally had time to sit down and get something worked out. My attempt is at www.no1partydj.com and I would appreciate your thoughts and any spelling or grammar errors that you might pick up on. Any suggestions of what I could add would also be great. Thanks, Rich.
  4. I am very interested in getting some sort of summer residency abroad. Has anybody any experience in doing this sort of thing as I would be very keen to learn a bit more about the process. I have ambitions to move abroad and would like to see if there are any opportunities to continue djing when I'm out there. Ideally I would be looking for a bar/small club sort of set-up. Cheers, Rich.
  5. I always think Starship - Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now is a good one for those that want to slow dance or those that want to sing along. I always find slow dances can divide a crowd and leave people on a sour note if they have no one to dance with! Same goes for Angels by Robbie Williams.....
  6. Fair play mate, we've all gotta start somewhere. First its families and before you know it your doing a wedding for 300 people!
  7. One must be pretty sad to cheat at a quiz where the prize is just a bottle of plonk!!!! Never been a big fan of pub quizzes so delighted I've never had to host one before!!!
  8. Songs that I always find go down well are: Whitney Houston, I wanna dance. Katrina & the Waves, Walking on Sunshine. B52's, Love Shack. KC & the Sunshine Band, Baby give it up & of course everyone knows Dj Otzi, Hey Baby!!!! Best of luck mate.
  9. Repeat business & word of mouth I've found over the years is key for being a successful DJ, however there are always times when you don't have a booking and need to fill, afterall these little 'fillers' could turn into another regular customer! I've only just heard about goodparty so signed up to it tonight, are there any other similar sites like these that people use?
  10. Well, it went OK in the end!! Ive just got back, the gaffer tipped me an extra £20 because it went so well! I used the play lists as a guide, i played most of the the newer stuff but played some better older stuff, it went down a treat!! Im so pumped i cant wait for my next gig now!! Its another 18th and the kid was there tonight!
  11. I don't know how I get myself these sorts of gigs but tonight im doing a joint birthday disco. The son is 18 and the mother is 50!!! I cant play loud music until 9.30pm because the film club next door do not permit it! Below are the two play lists that I have to try and fit in!!! I have tried to tell them this is a very bad idea but the customer knows best!!! I'll let you know tomorrow how I get on! Chaka Khan - Ain't nobody T Rex - Jeepster Stevie Wonder - Superstition / Uptight, out of sight Earth wind and fire - September Temptations - this old heart of mine Curtis Mayfi
  12. I guess that might have an effect but I was thinking more horizantal size rather than vertical!!
  13. Originally from Thornbury but now live in Shirehampton mate. Are you local?
  14. I usually find that the best time to talk is after all the mingling has been done and the lights have just gone out, introduce yourself & let people know that you've got plenty of songs and if they have a request please just come & ask, I find its a simple way of getting yourself into the groove. Once someone has requested something, if its really obvious I sometimes say I don't have it. When I put it on (usually straight after the request if its keeping with the genre) I get on the mic and say "Only kidding, ever met a DJ who didnt have "eg Summer of 69"? And then if the banter start
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