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  1. cozie1982

    Need Help!

    Hi Everyone! First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Chris I have been djaying for around 4 years in the failsworth area of manchester. I mainly DJ in young lively pups and clubs. I have been asked to DJ at my usual venue this friday for a private party but apparently the birthday girl is into punk Music and as it is a private party I am unable to get a playlist. I have been asked to play 2 hours worth!! Please help!! I am an old skool, new skool DJ, R&B DJ and have no clue where to start!!
  2. My first post! I use a Apple Macbook Pro running Mac OS 10.6.3 (no issues with viruses ) I use Djay 3.0 software which links into the iTunes library smoothly!. I connect the Macbook Pro to a Vestax Spin Midi/computer device and then straight into an Skytec Pro 1000 Amp. I find this setup really easy to use, very lightweight and saves lots of room in the car :). Would certainly recommend anybody to use an Apple laptop they are excellent especially running Djay software. I have run the same setup on a entry level macbook as well and all was fine!
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