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  1. scuddmann


    Guy's with the "demise" of record shops and vinyl, and the new ways in which the uk charts are worked out, what are you doing for your chart music? ie are you not bothering with the charts? are you downloading all some, none of the charts? or what? I really do not know the best way forwar anymore, Yes I was suppossed to be giving up last year, for those who remember my last post, but things change and too many people do not want me to knock it just yet, so my question is what to do about the charts, am I just an old git are are they not as good as they used to be? ta for now, Scuddmann xx
  2. Hi, been a long time for me to post back just to let you all know, I did buy the Hysis 2's with the 115xt bass cabz and am well happy with them, ok not as loud as the RCF's but £ for £ just as good for what I need. I do have to wind the amps down but that's not a bad thing really, I did have to replace the 22xt tweeter diaphrams but that's only to be expected on the age of the cab's and and and they weigh half that of the RCF's Event series that I had, any way merry chrimbo you lot and Play a chrimbo tune for me,cheers, Dave
  3. Hi guy's got a Q for ya, are the Peavey Hysys 115Xt's coupled with the Hysys 2Xt's any god for small to mid sized gig's? upto 250 people. tuff luck if they aint as I just bought a second hand set of 115Xt's and am looking for a set of 2Xt's, by the way anyone know the difference between the Hysys 2Xt's and the 1Xt's? I will be running them with 2 QSC plx 3400 amps, way over powered I know but I will keep the gain down and am running an Alesis compressor/limiter, however at the mo' I am using a Rcf Event Xeq to cross over and as yet I cannot find out what the crossover point would need to be
  4. I don't know if you have all the answers you want but this might help, disregard any posted power ratings for a DPSS laser diodes, thier output depends entirely on the psu for the doide and how much the Ma output is set for, you could line up 10 identical laser scanners and get 10 different readings, especially the Far eastern made units, each laser diode should be set to work below 80% of its maximum output but smetimes the psu is set wrong and they will run at upto 150% of their rated power, this however will reduce the diodes life span,,,,,a lot,,,,, bearing in mind that we ask the diodes t
  5. Here's another Q does anyone know what Faders,potentiometer's, the Citronic cdm 10:4 takes, as mine need replacing, ta, Dave
  6. Guy's, be honest with me on this one, I work the kent and Sussex area and have found that since the millenium the work volume has dropped of considerable. this year I have only been out about 25 times, I have been dj'ing for 30 years now and never known it so bad, I have never needed to advertise and always been busy, sometimes 4/5 nights a week, but now the bookings are not around. am I just an old fart that needs to get out and get on with my life or are we all feeling the pinch? I must say that all the other mobile jocks I grew up with have all dropped out and gone so maybe I'm just a din
  7. Hi, just watch the crowd if the night needs lots of chat then do it if not let the music speak for you!!! now there's an old boy's answer!!!
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