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  1. Heres one. http://www.djanddiscostuff.com/digital-dj-...j-software-p360 Ive used it for about 4 years with no problems on XP and more recently windows 7. I bypassed vista though but cant see there being any issues other than vista being vista
  2. Sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it, not what anybody needs How many attend the club and how many complaints are there. You always get somebody who doesnt like what you do and take the old keyboard warrior approach without thinking for 1 second what they are talking about and the potential consequences. What terms are you on with the club, self employed with no contract, work for them. i'd look at this closely and weigh up your options for protecting yourself a bit. you could turn it aroung around and say you are showing your commitment to the club by looking at contracts
  3. As in the title, lots of familular names still visiting and im wondering what you have been up to in the last year. anybody gone full/partime, semi retired, retired, gone in a different direction....that kind of thing. For me i used to do a 75/25% split with birthdays/other functions and weddings. The last year has seen this reverse with majority of my work coming from the wedding market. I think this is due to the economical status, people are still getting wed, just not bothering so much with other evnets. I know of at least 2 regular functions i used to do anually have c
  4. tough question lookin at the numbers. i thinks its going to be down to your ears really dont dismiss the 712's they produce a lot of thump, bit lighter and a bit less dosh
  5. but with the north south divide being what it is you probably gross more than us poor northerners who work 9 days a week 27 hours a day for '3&6' and half a loaf of stale bread a week, same with many other trades from what i have heard saying that we pay sensible money for houses so what goes around comes around.
  6. I have just got my grubby little hands on a S/H hc-4500 to try for a week or two. I have installed the latest drivers and have hooked it up and got it working eventually (really should read manuals) firstly i ran through my internal soundcard and noticed i couldnt adjust the laptop volume in windows and only had the option of using the onboard low latency option as opposed to simple. Now this may have been something that the latest VDJ update did but i have never noticed - ring any bells? secondly what mapping tweaks have you done to make the unit better for the usual mobile jock. I
  7. i have a little 3 channel citronic pro 3 mixer for backup. Works fine and sounds ok. No balanced outputs though and the mic level is really sensative. i paid £85 3 years ago
  8. just got this from the venue i was in on sunday night. it was the 4th wedding in a row for them so they must be doing ok wedding prices once upon a time they would have been a lot more than that
  9. last nights wedding Gig had a duet playing for about 2 hours (friends of mine). they just did acoustic numbers and the only gear they brought was guitar, mixer + mic with the usual bits and bobs. they ran thru my PA they are both in a local band and agreed that they sometimes provided bit of a disco after the band had played and charged an extra £50. they literally add a laptop and a couple of lights to the band rig. Now in this instance the sound guy is a dj and has been going for years so he does a half decent job. they offer this service to save customers money as i know i have p
  10. Good to hear you are back on your feet Rob, take care and dont over do it
  11. If i was in the market for a pro entry level pci card then the m-audio audiophile 2496 would be my first choice £66 - not cheap but good
  12. Glad to hear you are geting there Slim, did you get the speakers on ebay, use paypal etc as you really need to talk to the seller about this. he/she was probably unaware anyway and i would certasinly question the 2 different cabs anyway Re the name thing Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away.................. Sorry just had to. :hide: seriously good luck and keep us up to date with your progression.
  13. No problem at all slim, glad we can be of use considering all the senseless waffle we sometime spill out RE the speakers - it will say black widow somewhere on the actual speaker, cant remember if its a label on the magnet or basket. you may need to CAREFULLY drop the driver out to see as the view through the handle hole is not brilliant. if they are not BW i would get onto the seller as they could have fitted any old rubbish i would avoid 100w fixtures as they are a bit underpowered now, i do some very small venues and 250w fixtures are fine but you may want to look at an l
  14. I hate following bands as they can be such a hard act to follow. I did a friends wedding last september and he had a fantastic soul band playing, even i was ripping up the dance floor big style i felt embarrased to even try recapture half the atmosphere created by the band half the problem was they took the prime spot with me out of sight behind a pillar with my lights practically ineffective - cant shine round corners. many cant afford both and many bands are buying up a few bits and bobs to do the job themselves - rightly so after all its fair game out there - a good band wil
  15. Yup just been invited to a jam night on thursday and an open mic night on saturday 3 gigs in one week + disco stuff = a happy balance between work and play
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