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  1. Just picked up a pair of American DJ megabar RC 50's. They are 50cm long as opposed to the original 1m megabar and remote control opperated, nice and bright, work with all the other American DJ wash products (original megabar, led par cans etc) a nice sturdy steel case, digital menu system thats easy to use. brackets at either end for clamps etc Downside is they use the same remote (you get one per megabar) why is that a problem you may ask. well if you set them up master slave using the control panel on the back then point the remote to change function they both change from whatever
  2. Morning all im wondering if anybody can confirm what peopel type into the various search engines when they are looking for a disco. do they go for mobile disco + town name or by county etc as i live in north yorkshire, englands biggest county, its a long way from side to side and top to bottom and our relatively small market towns are spread out. reason im asking is that i live in richmond but want to target several other local towns and need some info on search terms i have a simple parked page at the moment while the new site is being built and the content and a few bits
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