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  1. Hi, i've seen them on a demo too matey, they do look the part. I'm also thinking of getting them. I dont think fog is that important, cos they'll make good patterns on the floor!!!!
  2. I'm thinking of getting an americandj quad gem to run with my roboscans, just wondered if anyone has used them?
  3. Hi, i dont think its the leds' giving you a headache mate. Maybe the workload! Have a day off!!!
  4. TOPIC MOVED Hi i need sum advice on how to set my 4 roboscans up with my ax 415 lite puter controller, I've used them on stand alone setting but never with the controller. I am wondering how they will perform?
  5. Hi, I got srm 450 v2's for 795 for a pair! And they sound wicked. I also have a tapco thump which is good but not as good as the mackies.
  6. Hi there, i'm a newbie to the mobile disco stuff and wondered if anyone could help me out? I've got 4 martin roboscans and lite-puter controller, but dont know how to set them properly. I need to know wot leads i need and wot the audio input on the controller is for and so on . . . . PLEASE HELP! Thanks.
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