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  1. Thanks for the welcome. I should be taking delivery of my new equipment within 2 weeks, then I can go about testing it out in small, medium and large rooms to see how it can be improved, and what kit i can leave out in a smaller venue, although I am aware it will be a little different in an empty room as opposed to a room ful of people. It certainly will be an interesting and exciting few months - hopefully all niggles will be ironed out for the winter season, where I can hopefully take advantage of some Christmas parties (I've already had a Christmas booking - woohoo)
  2. Hi all, Just wanted to come on and say Hi to one and all. I have decided to venture into the world of the Mobile DJ, hopefully with some success. Me and my friend started our own small Mobile DJ business in 2001, while we were at Uni, with very limited success. Due to time and money, we had no real chance of making it 'big', however, on the few occasions we were hired, feedback was positive. Our setup was small, experience minimal, and our prices reflected this. Our Dj adventure ended in 2003, as the pressures of Uni became too great. The dream had ended! Fastforwar
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