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  1. I would also add EV and dB Tech speakers into your choices. Both make some excellent cabinets and you can pick some up 2nd hand for a bargain. But of course, sound is always a very personal and subjective issue. You really can't beat having a proper live demo. When you're spending a considerable amount it's worth the time and effort to visit your local dealer or even take a road trip round a few dealers and have a good listen to as many different speakers and brands as you can.
  2. Put it down to experience. Probably just one of those nights, sometimes whatever you do you just can't get a crowd going. Two weeks ago I had a very similar night, then my last two gigs were absolute belters where I had them dancing from the start. I think I could have played anything and they'd have danced! Can't please all of the people all of the time.
  3. It's using the same board as another well known forum (which has also suffered hugely from facebook). It's good that somebody?? is trying to keep the place alive!
  4. I had a listen to the Cromos at my local retailer and I was very impressed. Excellent clarity and performance, especially at the price you paid! I actually rated them higher than quite a few more expensive speakers I demo'd. The only thing I noticed was that could get slightly bright/harsh at volume but a little eq soon solved it. For larger gigs I would pair them up with a dB SUB15D. Or if you could stretch to a pair, you'll have a system capable of all but the hugest of venues.
  5. fester

    Fog Scent

    I've tried this before, just a couple of drops to a full tank is enough. Although I haven't used a fog machine in years (I moved onto haze), in my experience you will inevitably get people complaining that they hate strawberry/whatever scent you added and they are getting headaches.... It's a nice idea and some people will love it but the complaints outweighed any novelty factor in my opinion.
  6. I don't think your speakers are set high enough. Your speakers should be set to 0db. Most active speakers have a 0db level on the "power" (gain) control but the alto doesn't seem to have that marking as far as I can see. I'm going to take an educated guess that it's at the 12 o'clock / 50% mark. If you run your speakers too low you have to shove in more signal from your mixer to achieve the desired volume. If the signal to the speakers is too hot you are likely overdriving the speakers amps which leads to clipping and overheating. You turn down the speakers, they cool down and start wo
  7. Which exact model of the Sound Blaster X_FI do you have? There are many different models, all with different features and functions.
  8. You wouldn't "need" a set of scanners. I only typically use scans where I can use haze. Scans are great but again, most of the effect is in the beams. No smoke/haze = little effect. That's the reason I keep banging on about datamoons, even in venues where you can't use smoke they will still fill a dancefloor with colour and movement. A scanner will just see one single gobo image being projected all over the room. With a good pair of flowers you will always have that dancefloor coverage. Bigger gigs/venues usually means I take more lights. One of my favourites is the Martin efx5
  9. I've got a Lanta Nebula Hazer (not smoke) and it's been a very good machine. That looks ok to me but you will find most venues won't allow you to use smoke nowadays Nope. Again, not bright at all. Rather than pay over £100 for a pair of something disappointing, why not spend £50 on another datamoon? There are always plenty on ebay, like this one - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NJD-datamoon-/19...=item2c7496aa54 You'll soon pick one up at a good price. Position of lighting depends on the type of stands you are using and their placement in the room. One thing to try and av
  10. They only have a 3w led source so they aren't very bright. Probably ok in a small room but your datamoon will totally overpower them. The main problem is that in these demo videos they are shown in a pitch black room that is full of smoke. In practice you will probably be in a function room with half the venue lights turned on and they won't let you use smoke or haze. So all you have is a few dim dots on the floor, all the beams (which lets be honest are the only good thing about them) are lost. If you are on a budget I would really recommend going for some decent 2nd hand traditional
  11. In my opinion lighting is a very subjective issue. I might love something you hate and vice versa. Personally I totally hate all the LED "dotty" effects that so many DJ's seem to use nowadays, whereas obviously many DJ's absolutely love them. Some of the newer high output LED kit is very, very good, with proper colour wheels and gobos but they are also very expensive! Do you have a DJ retailer anywhere near you? You really can't beat having a physical demo of some different types of effects. {quote] Do I need a DMX controller to run a master and slave? I'm currently running them
  12. Always go for symmetry and run pairs of lights or multiples. Pick up another datamoon and a dmx cable. Run the pair master/slave and you have a very nice little light show. Scanner beams look great when you can use smoke but as most venues don't let you use smoke, you get very little light/coverage onto the dance floor. It kind of depends on the type of gigs you aim to DJ, which lights I would recommend you look at.
  13. If you haven't already bought your speakers yet, I would definitely recommend the Altos. Maplins have been stocking them so it's worth a trip to your local store for a demo. I've heard them and they sound very nice for not a lot of money.
  14. I don't do kid's parties so I don't think i'm the right person to answer this one for you. I can make some suggestions I think might work but i'm not sure that the kids will know any of em lol Monster Mash Ghostbusters Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead Witch Doctor Thriller Purple People Eater Addams Family Theme Time Warp? (original Rocky Horror version) Mona The Vampire Theme Goosebumps Theme Skeleton Dance (dem bones, dem bones, dem drrrryyyy bones) Bad Moon Rising Casper The Friendly Ghost Theme Nightmare On My Street (Jazzy Jeff) Scooby Doo
  15. I also have a vms4.1 I upgraded from a Hercules RMX. I had been wanting to upgrade for quite a while but you know how it is when you are so familiar with something? I knew where every button and knob was on the rmx without looking and I could mix blindfolded lol. I'm no expert on jog wheels but the 4.1 are a league apart from the RMX although some reviews I have read do list them as a slight weak point. I must say though i've been very impressed with the vms4.1. I often work without an external mixer and the mic channel on the rmx was pants to say the least. Two excellent bal
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